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Aug 25, 09 2:51am

Okay, third review in a row. I'm on a *bleep*ing roll. No, actually, I'm really tired, and I still have to pack for my trip overseas. 14 hour flights FTW! Hoping I can knock myself out or stay occupied with the DS / Zune.

Anyway, here's our review of Wolfenstein: Neoseeker reviews Wolfenstein. Hope you find it satisfactory. It's definitely a solid shooter, so I'd recommend it; though after G.I. JOE, just about any game feels spectacular. Here's an excerpt from the latest review:
Morbid as it may sound, Wolfenstein lets you kill Nazis in a lot of different ways, making sure you have fun punching, stabbing, shooting, burning, electrocuting your way through their ranks. There's as wide a variety in enemy types, from Nazi soldiers to Black Sun monsters, and not all enemies are aggressive. You can choose to spare the scientists and secretaries if you're the altruistic type -- watching them cower in the corner or dropping to the floor with hands over their heads is pretty amusing. While the enemies will shout the usual one-liners trying to intimidate B.J., their battle cries actually add character more than noise.

On top of guns, B.J. also has Veil powers at his disposal, thanks to a Black Sun medallion he acquires at the start of the game. The medallion grants the player four powers: Veil Sight, Mire (slowing time), Shield, Empower (shield penetration). Using these powers in any combination opens up new ways of overpowering your enemies. Some will prove more useful than others, but the choice is yours. I found myself sticking with Veil and Mire, and you may prefer Shield over time manipulation. The first power, Veil Sight, will be an essential tool, either way, and adds an extra dimension to an otherwise simplistic shooter. Veil Sight lets you see secret doorways and paths, which often leads to collectibles (gold, intel) or a way of circumventing enemies. With these powers at your disposal, Raven tossed in plenty of situational puzzles, making sure every ability comes into play at least once.
It's not breaking boundaries or anything, since it utilizes the old DOOM 3 engine. But it's a well-made FPS, with nice visuals and a great soundtrack. The voice overs are actually really great too, even with all the German accents I assume are mostly fake. They also remind me of the Medic, from Team Fortress 2.

Anyway, time to pack. News will be handed over to my co-workers. Do me proud, you bastards. I'll be watching.

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