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So you may have heard about this Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II.  It's kind of a big deal, as far as RTS goes. ... posted Apr 19, 11 5:08pm

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The Chaos Rising expansion for Dawn of War II promises an array of devastating new units for every existing army,... posted Feb 24, 10 11:30pm

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As the weekend was upon us, Relic released a new Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising video.  In it, lead... posted Nov 16, 09 8:36pm

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Those cool guys at Relic narrate the latest Dawn of War II trailer, explaining how the expansion "The Last Stand"... posted Oct 13, 09 11:19pm

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Feb 25, 09 2:39am

Give people the tools to write about themselves and they will. They will write about the most pointless shit you can imagine. Oh, but that's not fair because in our own minds, we are the center of our individual universes, the boundaries of which do not extend beyond the earphones of an iPod or the keypad on a mobile phone. Or are mp3 players and cell phones outdated? What do they call them now -- media devices?

Noticed something on the NeoBlogs front page today: a Top Blogs panel. What is that, exactly? It sure as hell can't be based on comments because I've noticed some people are racking up over 20 or 30 comments per entry (albeit those are usually the same 2-4 people bantering back and forth about God knows what). Hits, perhaps? I'm going to vote for "hits" 'cause that'd be *bleep*ing awesome. Why would that be *bleep*ing awesome? I direct your attention to the picture. Admittedly, I don't exactly fit in with the rest of the bloggers in terms of content.

Speaking of which...

Some of the staff think that NeoBlogs has potential not only as a means for bored... kids... to write about themselves, but also a way of promoting the website in general. A few of us noticed that not everyone is even aware we have a front page, or what the hell it's even for. Shit, it's totally possible that the vast majority of forum addicts and bloggers don't care about hardware and games, but...

Okay, we'll ask. How many of you guys actually give a rat's ass about hardware and video games? How many of you don't and frequent Neoseeker only for the blogs and forums?

There, that's out there now. If there's any interesting news on the front page or new reviews up (that I know of), then I'll post them here. Most of them are written by... me... because I can actually keep track of those. Ideally, if you follow a link of my article to the front page, you'll take some time to look at other bits of news written by cool people like Sean, Leo, Kevin, and the occasional volunteer writer -- I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU CHRIS HIGGINS AKA lord monkey. As for reviews? Well, they're often posted on the forums, so hey, you should read them!

So! My previous post was mostly about the Dawn of War II review that went up this weekend, written by yours truly. Once again I must credit Adrian for being so awesome and dealing with the people I really hate talking to (PR guys), thus fetching games to be reviewed by Neo staff.

Here's the link again because I am now a Dawn of War II whore, and Sean needs to get it soon. There's co-op fun to be had!

Screenshots, trailers, and a whole lot of WIN. Another piece of awesome is yesterday's Xbox LIVE announcement for Lost Planet 2, and Capcom has leaped up a few notches in my book thanks to Takeuchi-san and Oguro-san. The trailer was pretty *bleep*ing sweet too, comprised entirely of in-game footage. If you guys have an Xbox 360, check it out. If not, try Google.

Lastly, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is so also a big glass of awesome. I always joke about how my DS cries itself to sleep at night because I only my Xbox 360. As of the late, the TABLES HAVE TURNED. My 360 has become the family DVD player with the exception of my recent excursion with Mirror's Edge. What's the appeal anyway? Could be my inherent love for crime shit. You're looking at one of the biggest Law & Order fans ever...

Adrian has managed to hook me up with a review copy of Halo Wars, which should be arriving this week in the mail. Keep an eye out for Neoseeker's review, yeah?

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Feb 22, 09 6:06am

After a few delays, I finally got to finish Neoseeker's Dawn of War II review. There was a little bit of stress in the whole process, since I still haven't got the full hand of Neoseeker's admin center, and I've noticed that a lot of other sites already had a review for the game while I was writing. Got a little ticked at Relic for not getting us the codes sooner, but what can you do?

Put up and shut up, that's what. During my time with Dawn of War II, I developed a keen sense of respect for Relic. They have revived my interest in RTS games...

So our review is on the front page now as well as the game's forums (which I've noticed are quite empty). For those lazy readers, it's also here, in my blog entry:

I rather enjoyed it, and plan to continue playing even though my work is done. Big thanks to Adrian for setting everything up. I know this must have been a huge headache for him as well. Also, much ♥ to my long-time gaming buddy Leo for being my Warhammer 40k dictionary and multiplayer & co-op partner. Seriously, I've known that guy for years -- possibly since middle school.

Meh, I'm pretty worn out so there won't be a Sunday Musing this week (some of you will be pleased to hear). Otherwise, have a nice weekend, guys.

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Feb 21, 09 8:00am
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