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Sep 7, 09 11:13pm

Sean recently did something awesome. When I joined, he gifted me with a code for Unreal Tournament 2k4 ECE, which I used to play during college. It was probably the first shooter I really took to, with the exception of arcade games like Time Crisis and House of the Dead stuff. I also fed his recent Might & Magic craving with a gift of my own -- promotes gift-giving with awesome deals.

I only had my ex's copy at the time though, and now thanks to Sean, I have one of my own! And it's a really cool edition, and I should probably get on that shit. Too many games, too little time!

But a game I like this is infinitely more enjoyable with friends. So any of you people still play this? I know you guys are out there -- Unreal Tournament III didn't do nearly as well. Anyway, hit me up if you're interested, rusty as I am. For now, it's back to Arkham Asylum.

Wee, so many games! Speaking of which, Sean also got me to update my games collection on Neoseeker. It took a while, and new games pop into my head regularly. Then I realized I didn't put my completion / progress status for any of them, except the titles I had played but never owned. Too lazy to go back and rectify.

Otherwise, happy Labor Day. Thanks much, Sean ♥

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