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Been a while since we heard a peep out of Frozenbyte, and it looks like they've kept busy with some new Trine 2... posted Apr 23, 12 10:16am

Frozenbyte loves their community, and when Trine 2 players complain the game is too easy, the developers listen. ... posted Mar 29, 12 12:35pm

Guess what today is?  Right, the day Trine 2 finally comes out for PC and Mac.  If you happen to favor your... posted Dec 7, 11 12:27pm

Well, folks, it's finally happening; Trine 2 is really coming out this month.  PC and Mac users can expect to see... posted Dec 5, 11 12:46pm

Frozenbyte released a small collection of new Trine 2 screenshots today, and as always, they're very pretty.  The... posted Nov 17, 11 1:19pm

Trine 2 is, thankfully, still on track for 2011, and today, developer Frozenbyte showcases the game's new... posted Oct 10, 11 1:21pm

Time for a progress report on Trine 2... and a new trailer.  Finnish developer Frozenbyte announced today that... posted Sep 13, 11 3:57pm

Frozenbyte and Atlus have released a new gameplay trailer for Trine 2, and it's nothing short of freakin'... posted Aug 18, 11 1:49pm

Trine really is one helluva game, but our wait for the sequel has been extended by a few more months.  Trine 2... posted Mar 21, 11 1:12pm

Wizards and thieves and warriors, oh my!  Because TRINE was one of the most enjoyable platformers for anyone who... posted Oct 18, 10 8:02pm

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  • "If all else fails, summon boxes. Trine2"
    InsanityS Mar 7, 15 4:18pm
  • "Beautifully rendered and extremely fun 3 player co-op. 9/10 Trine2"
    samwise995 Jan 19, 13 2:13pm
  • "With the new character abilities it should be really good. Trine2"
    Sonic_2 Jul 19, 10 4:56pm
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