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Tomorrow, The Secret World will be receiving its "Digging Deeper" content update, and it should certainly give... posted Sep 12, 12 2:31pm

In light of The Secret World's mediocre performance since launch, Funcom has temporarily laid off some of their... posted Aug 21, 12 5:38pm

Looks like Secret World players will soon be enjoying their first raid, possibly within two months. The new... posted Aug 15, 12 3:50pm

The MMO market isn't lacking options, but one of the more interesting options out there that many of you may not... posted Jul 25, 12 6:46pm

MMO players can be a tough crowd, so Funcom is making sure the Secret World community has plenty to do by... posted Jul 10, 12 1:48pm

Funcom and EA's modern day, low fantasy MMO The Secret World is officially launching tomorrow, July 3, and CEO... posted Jul 2, 12 3:38pm

For months now, The Secret World has been veiled behind a protective NDA, but with that finally done away with... posted Jun 21, 12 7:14pm

Funcom's upcoming modern day fantasy MMO The Secret World has been delayed by two weeks, pushing launch into the... posted May 25, 12 10:31am

Many game companies have been turning to social networking as another avenue of advertising, and Funcom is doing... posted Apr 18, 12 11:42am

Funcom's modern-day fantasy MMO The Secret World will be out in just a few months, and co-publisher EA is... posted Apr 3, 12 10:33am

For a while now, Funcom has been eagerly pushing The Secret World's unique level-less progression system.  Today,... posted Mar 23, 12 5:06pm

Funcom announced some time ago that their upcoming MMO The Secret World would do away with character levels.  So... posted Feb 24, 12 2:17pm

We've been talking about Funcom's The Secret World for a good few years now, but the upcoming supernatural... posted Feb 21, 12 3:35pm

On the surface, Solomon Island is a rather picturesque little town, a place many people wouldn't mind visiting... posted Jan 26, 12 12:20pm

Funcom has already introduced Secret World hopefuls to the Dragon and the Templars.  That just leaves the... posted Jan 9, 12 12:49pm

We've seen how creepy The Secret World MMO can be when Funcom showed off the Savage Coast.  Now they're taking us... posted Dec 7, 11 2:13pm

Ready for another Secret World trailer?  The last video fell on the Week of the Dragon, so it was naturally... posted Nov 18, 11 3:40pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=338] We're in Day 2 of Funcom's "Week of the Templar" spotlight for their... posted Nov 15, 11 12:58pm

Following their enlightening "Week of the Dragon," Funcom is continuing their faction spotlights with a week for... posted Nov 14, 11 5:48pm

Funcom's "Week of the Dragon" is nearing an end, and what sort of spotlight doesn't have a trailer?  The Secret... posted Oct 21, 11 4:25pm

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