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Valve has announced that it will be removing paid mods from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim... posted Apr 27, 15 5:02pm

Bethesda today announced plans to release a beautiful Nightingale statue, based on the faction... posted Aug 6, 14 1:45pm

Rumors of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim going next-gen have popped up after a listing on Bethesda's... posted Jan 8, 14 8:14pm

One can never have too much Elder Scrolls. Okay, so that's still up in the air with Elder... posted Sep 10, 13 1:18pm

Do you like Elder Scrolls? Since the answer can't possibly be "no," you'll be happy to learn... posted Aug 1, 13 5:50pm

Love Skyrim? Whether you already own The Elder Scrolls V or not, here's a chance to get the base game along with... posted Jun 4, 13 2:16pm

Hardcore Elder Scrolls V players on consoles should be happy to know that Skyrim 1.9, first released to PC in... posted Apr 8, 13 11:30am

Well then, Skyrim gamers, looks like March is going to be an interesting month for Elder Scrolls V. The 1.9 title... posted Mar 4, 13 3:58pm

Is your Dovahkiin level 81 or higher in Skyrim? If so, then congratulations, you meet the minimum requirement for... posted Dec 4, 12 11:12am

Dec 3, 12 6:07pm
Aw yeah, Dragonborn DLC, here I come. TheElderScrolls5SkyrimSpecialEdition

When Bethesda announced Skyrim Kinect controls, they also teased plans to reveal more about the first Skyrim DLC... posted Apr 27, 12 1:49pm

Remember the insane Skyrim features Bethesda showed off in their Game Jam video from February?  With the dragon... posted Mar 15, 12 12:38pm

While giving the opening keynote at DICE Summit this week, Bethesda's Todd Howard revealed what might just be the... posted Feb 9, 12 3:23pm

Skyrim 1.4 has been out for PC since January, not long after Bethesda announced they were testing the patch. ... posted Feb 9, 12 12:25pm

Now we're not sure about you guys, but when we saw that sexy Space Core in Skyrim, we immediately wondered if... posted Feb 8, 12 12:22pm

The Elder Scrolls V main theme is certainly an iconic piece of gaming music, and a few talented fans took it upon... posted Feb 2, 12 1:45pm

The next Skyrim patch is currently being tested for all three platforms, according to Bethesda, and developers... posted Jan 19, 12 12:25pm

Here it is, folks, the annual Video Game Awards on Spike TV.  Keep up with our updates on major announcements... posted Dec 10, 11 5:18pm

Remember those amusing backwards dragons and (less amusing) missing magic resistance problems in Skyrim?  Well,... posted Dec 7, 11 3:07pm

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