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2K announced back in December that Darkness II would do away with the competitive multiplayer from Darkness in... posted Feb 3, 12 4:05pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=366] Not everyone was in love with the bare bones multiplayer included with... posted Dec 8, 11 3:49pm

The Darkness games have always placed us in the shoes of Jackie and his unwanted BFFs, but that doesn't exactly... posted Oct 28, 11 1:51pm

While the Darkness is technically a protagonist in The Darkness, the entity is unmistakably evil.  Current host... posted Oct 10, 11 7:16pm

So The Darkness II won't be out until February 7 (or February 10 internationally), but that just gives you more... posted Oct 4, 11 12:59pm

The Darkness is technically the protagonist of The Darkness series, alongside host Jackie Estacado, but anyone... posted Sep 26, 11 4:14pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=283] Four years after The Darkness concluded, 2K announced a sequel to the... posted Jun 18, 11 2:20am

Oh, look at that, a new The Darkness II trailer right before E3, and it has gameplay footage, featuring some of... posted Jun 2, 11 1:32pm

Jackie Estacado has a slight problem.  See, while he wants all this nasty business with the Darkness to go away,... posted May 4, 11 12:29pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=240] Nope, you didn't read the headline wrong; The Darkness is finally... posted Feb 8, 11 9:20pm

Feb 8, 11 8:42pm
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