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Today marks some significant changes for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and not in terms of content. New security... posted Apr 2, 13 12:29pm

After quite a wait, Star Wars: The Old Republic is finally free to play. Game update 1.5 adds the option to hop... posted Nov 15, 12 12:24pm

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be going free-to-play this fall, though we still don't know exactly when. No... posted Oct 18, 12 4:01pm

Update: EA president Frank Gibeau confirmed through an investor's call this afternoon that subscription numbers... posted Jul 31, 12 12:33pm

Star Wars: The Old Republic executive producer Rich Vogel has left BioWare Austin, reports have confirmed, and... posted Jul 17, 12 12:35pm

Looks like BioWare has finally added free character transfers to The Old Republic, a service they plan to... posted Jun 12, 12 11:16am

Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.3 is on the way, and today's video with game director James Ohlen explains why... posted May 22, 12 2:38pm

Disclaimer: The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the various authors (including me) do not necessarily... posted May 8, 12 7:49pm

Star Wars: The Old Republic was mentioned during EA's financial call today, during which the publisher gave an... posted May 7, 12 4:52pm

There must be some Old Republic players out there complaining they don't have enough friend invites to share with... posted Apr 4, 12 10:12am

If you missed out on BioWare's last Old Republic free weekend pass, don't cry, because another free weekend trial... posted Mar 21, 12 12:15pm

For the Old Republic community, March promises a plethora of new content to explore, after months of relative... posted Feb 14, 12 11:28am

Gamers like to complain, there's no doubt about that, but being vocal is really the best way to get things done. ... posted Jan 30, 12 4:30pm

This week's Star Wars: The Old Republic patch didn't exactly add a whole lot of fixes or content.  No, BioWare... posted Jan 12, 12 2:00pm

BioWare has released this week's patch notes for the Old Republic test servers, and a quick glance shows several... posted Jan 9, 12 1:09pm

Update:  According to the patch notes from the latest update, implemented on January 4, the graphics problems... posted Dec 31, 11 2:50pm

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