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Saints Row fans were probably glad to learn that the series and developer Volition had found a home with Koch... posted Feb 6, 13 1:45pm

Not surprisingly, Saints Row: The Third will be getting an all-in-one package this fall. No, not with other... posted Nov 1, 12 2:19pm

Update: The new Trouble with Clones DLC is out today, confirmed at least for Xbox LIVE users.  You can find a few... posted Mar 19, 12 3:02pm

Saints Row: The Third is probably one of the most enjoyable games you could ever play, and the madness isn't... posted Jan 10, 12 2:12pm

It's been just over two weeks since Saints Row: The Third began spreading its chaos across the gaming community;... posted Nov 30, 11 2:40pm

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Nov 16, 11 4:27pm

I'm just going to stop apologizing for being an inconsistent blogger, especially when Neoseeker already eats up most of my time! If you follow our reviews, then you've already noticed how busy we've been. Yeah, blame the game industry for putting out big releases ON THE SAME DAY. The exception is Skyrim, but that still came out within a week of Assassin's Creed Revelations, Saints Row: The Third, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and so forth.

I've actually reviewed three of those games and somehow published them all on time. Someone give me a medal. While reviewing, some of my friends on Xbox LIVE asked if I ever wish I could play games at my own pace, without having to rush them for a review. The answer is obviously "yes," more so when the game is an RPG or sandbox, because those tend to be so crammed with content I feel I can't adequately reflect their merits without days upon days of play time.

Both Elder Scrolls V and Saints Row arrived for review quite early, while Assassin's Creed came much later than I would've liked. I began reviewing Skyrim since late October, and I actually had over a week to do Saints Row. As for AC Revelations, I only had a weekend. I've lived like a shut-in for weeks now thanks to these games, and I had completely abandoned news writing for a time.

It would've been great for Neoseeker if we also got Halo in there, but honestly, I don't think I would've been able to do more than I already have. That said, I did pick it up from GameStop, and I've pre-ordered the vinyl soundtrack in addition to the Skyrim 4-disc OST.

Anyway, here are the reviews. I've also thrown in Lord of the Rings: War in the North from kik36, because poor Heath has had the game for so long but couldn't finish his review until much later thanks to a game-breaking bug and some shenanigans on WBIE's part. On that note, keep an eye out for our annual holiday guide. The 2011 edition is coming next week!

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Saints Row: The Third is finally out, and we really dig it.  Alas, that means the Cherished Memories series must... posted Nov 16, 11 4:13pm

Saints Row: The Third came out today, alongside Assassin's Creed Revelations and so many  other titles.  The... posted Nov 15, 11 1:43pm

Think Steelport is an awesome town to live in?  It probably isn't, unless you're one of the Saints.  The war... posted Nov 3, 11 12:48pm

All right, so Saints Row: The Third videos do get kind of weird, but they've always remained humorous (or... posted Oct 27, 11 4:44pm

Okay, let's be honest, some of these Saints Row: The Third "memories" get a little weird -- too much even for... posted Oct 26, 11 3:06pm

Don't you just love games that feature custom character creation?  THQ and Volition may have their default dude... posted Oct 25, 11 3:57pm

All these Saints Row: The Third videos would have us believe that Steelport is the happiest place on this earth. ... posted Oct 20, 11 2:11pm

Horde mode is all the rage in gaming these days, so why shouldn't Saints Row: The Third have one?  "Whored Mode,"... posted Oct 19, 11 1:55pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=218] We've been seeing plenty of the Saints and the rival gangs of the... posted Oct 17, 11 4:08pm

Ah, Saints Row: The Third, no words may adequately describe just how random you are.  The "Cherished Memories"... posted Oct 12, 11 5:00pm

Saints Row: The Third seems to completely embrace its own absurdity, and we're perfectly fine with that.  After... posted Oct 6, 11 6:04pm

The Saints have basically told the Syndicate to go screw themselves, and leader Philippe Loren isn't too happy... posted Sep 9, 11 5:08pm

The newest Saints Row: The Third screenshots show us a little something we haven't yet seen much of: character... posted Aug 18, 11 2:11pm

During E3, attendees were treated to an amusing demo showcasing the open world of Saints Row: The Third, plus an... posted Aug 11, 11 2:51pm

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