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Resident Evil 6 will finally be hitting PC for all the patient Capcom fans who prefer to avoid consoles, and as a... posted Jan 25, 13 12:32pm

To demonstrate its "on-going commitment to listen to feedback" from fans and "wherever possible improve the... posted Dec 17, 12 12:36pm

At long last, Resident Evil 6 is dated for PC release, and any Resident Evil fans awaiting the latest title can... posted Dec 17, 12 11:15am

Capcom today announced the three new Resident Evil 6 modes slated for release, all due for Xbox 360 before PC and... posted Dec 4, 12 5:37pm

So maybe we didn't like Resident Evil 6, but that doesn't mean we're not still fans of Resident Evil as a whole.... posted Oct 9, 12 12:15pm

Resident Evil 6 is officially out today, and the reception from critics and fans hasn't exactly been... posted Oct 2, 12 11:25am

The Resident Evil 6 demo, which was formerly an exclusive affair for Dragon's Dogma owners on 360, is available... posted Sep 18, 12 11:37am

To one's surprise, Resident Evil 6 will be receiving more content post-launch, in the form of three additional... posted Sep 11, 12 11:59am

Update: If reading is too much work, then the trailer might be more suited to your tastes. Check... posted Aug 21, 12 4:26pm

At gamescom this week, Capcom unveiled, an online service that will be launching with Resident... posted Aug 14, 12 4:39am

Capcom has released three new Resident Evil 6 trailers showing the game's six protagonists in action, from... posted Jul 19, 12 1:07pm

A new Resident Evil 6 trailer is out today, though there isn't any actual gameplay shown. This montage of... posted Jul 17, 12 11:50am

On the first day of E3, we stopped in with Capcom to see an in-depth showing of Resident Evil 6's new Crossover... posted Jun 5, 12 6:33pm

Think you're a real Resident Evil fan?  Well, would you pay $1,300 for Resident Evil 6?  Capcom is pretty sure... posted Apr 11, 12 10:46am

Resident Evil isn't a game we expect to have an engrossing dialogue system, but it looks like Capcom is changing... posted Mar 6, 12 11:11am

Resident Evil may have moved far beyond its horror roots into the realm of action shooter, but it never got past... posted Feb 15, 12 2:15am

Woah, what?  Looks like Chris isn't going to be Leon's co-op buddy in Resident Evil 6.  That spot goes to a lady... posted Jan 25, 12 2:27pm

We've got a few new Resident Evil 6 tidbits to share, as multiplayer details have arisen by way of the Xbox... posted Jan 23, 12 12:10pm

Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City have yet to be released, but Capcom has gone... posted Jan 19, 12 3:17pm

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