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Just a few weeks after Prototype 2 hit consoles, Radical and Activision have released the first DLC pack, in case... posted May 8, 12 12:18pm

An older Prototype 2 cinematic released last fall teased Heller's ability to control monsters spawned by the... posted Apr 18, 12 10:04am

We're hitting the end of March, and that means Prototype 2 is only about a month away.  April 24 will be here... posted Mar 22, 12 1:09pm

Prototype 2 will be out April 24, and if you've been wondering about a possible special edition, wonder no more. ... posted Feb 15, 12 3:21pm

Radical and Activision are going easy on the whole pre-order business with Prototype 2, thankfully, but GameStop... posted Jan 6, 12 12:01pm

Alex Mercer was kind of a badass, but Radical Entertainment is determined to win the Prototype fans over with... posted Dec 16, 11 2:29pm

Up until now, we've seen plenty of action in the steady stream of Prototype 2 trailers and other assets that... posted Nov 18, 11 3:15pm

We hope you're enjoying New York Comic-Con this week.  If not, well, there's always next year.  Like so many... posted Oct 14, 11 3:36pm

Radical Entertainment, the folks behind Prototype, put out a new developer diary today in their "Fan Video"... posted Oct 7, 11 2:30pm

Blackwatch doesn't screw around, as evidenced by the Prototype 2 gamescom 2011 trailer.  Granted, they're little... posted Aug 17, 11 1:27pm

So today Radical and Activision announced a pre-order bonus for Prototype 2, exclusive to GameStop, and it's not... posted Aug 5, 11 12:38pm

To celebrate the official start of Comic-Con 2011, Activision and Radical have released the first of three... posted Jul 21, 11 2:46pm

As many of you have already guessed, Prototype 2 will be out early next year, though perhaps not as early as some... posted Jul 20, 11 2:57pm

The folks at Radical really want us to like James Heller.  Rather than letting the former military man's insane... posted Jul 15, 11 4:37pm

We've got some new Prototype 2 screenshots for you all today, literally hours before E3 (unofficially) begins on... posted Jun 5, 11 5:10pm

So whatever happened to Alex Mercer?  Prototype 2 may or may not provide the answers, but we do know that the guy... posted Apr 21, 11 2:52pm

In Prototype, Alex Mercer was sort of the antihero, but at least he wasn't a complete arse.  James Heller's... posted Mar 14, 11 2:44pm

No one could have described Prototype better than the Penny Arcade guys.  Brooding anti-hero with powers that... posted Feb 23, 11 9:10pm

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