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Jun 20, 09 8:18pm

Okay, so Prototype has been out a while, but I mentioned in a previous entry that Activision kind of sprung it on us at the last minute. Heath is still playing through, and I tackled the review since I don't have any side jobs or... whatever. This is pretty much it.

So what did I think? It's a mindless experience with a hot of hot guys that under normal circumstances, I wouldn't pay full price for. I've never played a game so terrible that I vowed to never touch it again, but that doesn't mean every game is great, like God's gift to gamers.

I mean, if the game interests you, then try it out. My biggest beef has to be with (1) the visuals and (2) the annoyance of having 90487242390482374423 enemies thrown at you all at once. Hunters, Super Soldiers, Jarheads in helicopters and tanks, Infected-peons... all trying to corner Alex and climb up his ass. Alright, so the second point is tolerable, but the first one really gets to me.

This game would've scored so much better all around and been a more immersive experience if the game didn't look so terrible. Of course the cinematics and the special characters like Alex look fine, but the buildings and the recycled character models for everyone else is flippin' atrocious.

Read the rest here: Neoseeker reviews Prototype

But you know what I've noticed? Alex Mercer and BLACKWATCH superstar Captain Cross are hot. Yeah, I'm surprised by Cross being there as well, since I only noticed Alex first. But you spend enough time with this game, and it warps your taste in men, I guess.

That review went out this morning, and then I treated myself to a nap. Woke up at around 2:00 pm and found a FedEx package outside. Wrapped in a heavy plastic bag shielding it from the rain was none other than Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires, as promised. My copy was accidentally shipped up to Neo HQ in Vancouver, so I called my PR contact to KOEI and he (plus Heather, a sweet PR-lady I met at E3) was very understanding. They shot another package out the door and here it is, on my bed.

Suggested the extra copy in Vancouver be used in a giveaway of some sort. Neoseeker is pretty awesome with those contests, eh? Time for me to get back to reviewing.

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Jun 16, 09 10:30pm

I was standing in the kitchen earlier today, minding my own business, when I noticed an object on the porch. I'm expecting a game from KOEI, but my PR contact told me via email that he'd let me know whenever they were sending out retail review copies.

Admittedly, I felt a sense of dread, since I'm still worn out from E3 and all the post-E3 work. My brain is little more than a pile of goop, after sitting too long in a fryer.

Scuttled outside and found out the package was from Activision. Wasn't actually expecting to review anything, and Adrian usually tells me ahead of time when he's got a review lined up for me. May just be an automated thing, since I reviewed X-Men Origins: Wolverine for them. And just like that game, this one came... LATE.

Well, at least I don't need to deal with the embargo date. Just gotta get this one out ASAP, is all. It's been out for a week already! And if you haven't already guessed, the game in question is Prototype.

I mean, new game to review, great! But I had just purchased Knight of the Old Republic II on PC yesterday, and I was looking forward to more mod-filled fun. I actually already own and beat it for Xbox, but it runs like hell on the Xbox 360, and I love the game too much. Anyone know where I can get restored character dialogue? Team Gizka's site link for restored script was dead, though I managed to get the Droid Planet content.

Also, I haven't been keeping up with the blogs because I find Twitter much easier. Shh...

Oh yeah, and if you haven't already checked, our E3 2009 coverage is complete for the time being. All our feature articles, including media briefings for the "Big 3" are posted HERE, except for the first two, Microsoft and EA, which you can find HERE and HERE. We noticed many Neoseeker regulars don't actually visit the front page for news, so a HUGE thanks to Mishtram for posting about our E3 shenanigans on the forums.

Man, that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic trailer still sends chills up my spine -- beautiful! Poor Jedi Master, though, he was cute... and now he's dead.

Speaking of attractive Jedi, check out this guy. He's supposed to be a Jedi and all, judging by the color of his lightsaber, but his face screams, "SITH!! SIIIITH!!!" Embarrassingly enough, I was so much shorter than him that he had to bend down and back for the photograph; you can tell based on feet placement. Notice how far forward his left foot is, versus where I'm standing.

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