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Fan-made stuff is always great to see, especially when it blows our minds with unforeseen levels of awesome.... posted Jan 22, 13 7:45pm

Portal 2 is what some might consider a hugely successful game, now with over 4 million copies sold woldwide,... posted May 8, 12 1:28pm

Who could ever complain about more Portal 2?  Valve announced today some new add-on content for their 2011 hit,... posted Apr 26, 12 10:51am

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=366] The men and ladies at Valve are hard at work on the next major Portal... posted Oct 28, 11 2:37pm

Update: the DLC is now live. Still wondering when the Portal 2 downloadable content is coming?  Wonder no... posted Sep 30, 11 12:15pm

So that Portal 2 game was pretty good, huh?  Remember the part when Wheatley totally stole the show and our... posted Aug 10, 11 2:36pm

In a hilariously adorable home video, Peter Molyneux lets his son, Lucas, take the spotlight.  The boy confesses... posted Sep 23, 10 9:40pm

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  • "So Trine 2 isn't the only game Lorx and I end up bypassing puzzles in. Portal2"
    InsanityS Jul 18, 15 5:09pm
  • "Lorx and I are currently testing the results of using the wrong portal during dangerous exercises. Portal2"
    InsanityS Jul 20, 14 12:14pm
  • "You liked Portal? Good. Now, think of Portal but longer AND with co-op AND with community levels. Play this before you die. Portal2"
    metalfox57 Dec 27, 12 5:01am
  • "Wanna Go To Space! Portal2"
    EliteRacing343 Nov 8, 12 11:19am
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