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Don't you just love watching exotic cars slam into each other in a slo-mo blizzard of glass and metal fragments? ... posted Feb 17, 11 10:08pm

The Need for Speed Hot Pursuit launch trailer on the official NFS YouTube channel didn't hit one million views... posted Dec 13, 10 11:38pm

Screw Disneyland, because Seacrest County is officially the new "happiest place on Earth."  Hundreds of thousands... posted Dec 6, 10 10:02pm

Playing racing games is great and all, but seeing the stuff on-screen in live-action is a totally different... posted Nov 19, 10 10:37pm

Update: Cheer up, Steam lovers, because EA had a change of heart.  The Need for Speed Twitter account reads... posted Nov 17, 10 11:19pm

In preparation for Criterion's reinvention of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, which comes out the Tuesday after next,... posted Nov 4, 10 7:43pm

Like most racers now, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is really pushing the concept of social play.  In fact, the new... posted Aug 18, 10 1:46pm

You're looking forward to Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.  There's no argument there, and you were waiting for a... posted Aug 17, 10 8:36pm

Police videos can be damn entertaining, and all the evening shows on TruTV prove that.  But how much more awesome... posted Aug 12, 10 8:05pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=301] Hot Pursuit carries plenty of meaning among Need for Speed fans.  Not... posted Jun 21, 10 3:22pm

EA opened their press conference this year with a new-but-not-really Need for Speed, being developed by Criterion... posted Jun 14, 10 10:06pm

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