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BioWare knows quite well how popular the men of Mass Effect and Dragon Age are. And who could... posted Apr 1, 14 4:11pm

Today, BioWare has begun selling and shipping a new Mass Effect statue, this one being a... posted Nov 13, 13 6:04pm

November 7, 2012 was the first N7 day, and in 2013, BioWare is bringing back the Mass Effect... posted Oct 30, 13 4:54pm

So how about that Mass Effect 3? Regardless of the third game's drama-fest or how you personally felt about it,... posted Mar 23, 13 5:16pm

BioWare has two more Mass Effect 3 add-ons on the way, including the very last single-player DLC Citadel. Well,... posted Feb 25, 13 1:49pm

Today, BioWare announces plans to release two more Mass Effect 3 add-ons, with one being for single-player and... posted Feb 21, 13 12:34pm

We already know another Mass Effect is happening, but BioWare really doesn't want you calling it Mass Effect 4.... posted Feb 7, 13 11:39am

Mass Effect 3 will be getting its biggest DLC ever by the end of the month, and a new screenshot today shows off... posted Nov 14, 12 11:34am

Many gaming enthusiasts know the name Volpin Props. Its founder, Harrison Krix, started out making incredible... posted Oct 18, 12 2:11pm

The long awaited Mass Effect 3 "Omega" add-on has been dated and priced, and at this week's New York Comic-Con,... posted Oct 12, 12 12:02pm

Thought you got rid of the Collectors in Mass Effect 2? Thank again, because these insectoid drones are coming to... posted Oct 4, 12 11:43am

Mass Effect 3 players can expect one massive patch later this week, with BioWare ballparking its release around... posted Oct 2, 12 1:59pm

EA and BioWare released today a new trailer for Funimation's upcoming Mass Effect anime movie, Paragon Lost. If... posted Sep 7, 12 3:33pm

BioWare has unveiled the next Mass Effect 3 N7 multiplayer event, happening this weekend. Operation: Vigilance is... posted Sep 5, 12 12:03pm

To promote the upcoming Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC, BioWare has taken a rather creative approach by dabbling in... posted Aug 28, 12 3:21am

BioWare has confirmed this week's Mass Effect 3 N7 event, so get ready to promote the crap out of your... posted Aug 22, 12 4:22pm

This weekend's Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event, Operation: OLYMPUS, kicks off today and will run until Sunday,... posted Aug 10, 12 1:15pm

Update: Looks like Leviathan has been dated. Xbox 360, PS3, and PC Mass Effect 3 players will be able to buy the... posted Aug 3, 12 3:17pm

EA has confirmed during their Summer Showcase that Mass Effect 3 will be getting some single-player DLC, and it's... posted Aug 2, 12 1:18pm

The next Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC, referred to as "Take Back Earth" or simply "Earth," was showcased down in... posted Jul 14, 12 3:57am

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