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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Jul 19, 09 11:49pm

Hm, reviews and feature articles have been keeping me off the Sunday soapboxes lately, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Keeping these Sunday Musing articles fewer and farther in between keeps my mind from frying itself.

This week, instead of working on Anime Expo stuff, I put up an editorial on the front page about homosexuality in video games. I've been delving back into my DC encyclopedia with Comic-Con around the corner, and it made me think about how we don't really see video games addressing gay and lesbian relationships. Sure, there are a few, but it's still not much. Lack of acceptance can be problematic, as we hear cases about people like Teresa and Gaywood on LIVE.

So how can we alleviate the situation? I'm thinking exposure. Help the video game community build tolerance by educating them through exposure. I'd be totally thrilled if I played a game one day and the male lead turned out to be gay, rather than your typical lady-ogling dude. It'd be like finding out Samus is a woman for the first time. Okay, maybe not THAT crazy, but sorta similar.

Anyway, here's the article, in case you're all interested: Sunday Musing: Homosexuality in Video Games. Leave thoughts and feedback, if you'd like. I'll more likely see them if you post under the article, not my blog.

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Dec 20, 08 7:01am

So I've been itching to get Mass Effect for a while since the price dropped, and my friend paid part of it as a Christmas present to me. It's really nostalgic for someone who loved the KotoR games but felt cheated by KotoR II. Really, the game has the same aura, even a few bugs for that extra awesome authentic BioWare feel.

Of course, in KotoR II I had a thing for the geeky yet tortured zabrak, Bao-Dur, and of course there were no real romance options with him. Hell, his interest in the General was minimal compared to Atton and Michel gushing all over the place. I guess Atton was an alright guy... he sure beats Kaiden, the... canon love interest for a female Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect.

The controversial softcore sex scene only works with human females and the asani, regardless of your character's gender, and imagine my disappointment when I read this because... I'm a turian fangirl. Naturally, I totally wanna get in Garrus' pants, but that's not really an option. Thanks a lot, BioWare. Guess a girl can always dream; I'm keeping him in my party, along with Wrex because he's just one hilarious mother *bleep*er.

Garrus' voice is almost as sexy as those mandibles and razor sharp teeth. SIGH. They don't address turian courtships, from what I understand, and you learn through dialogue that they're a pretty rigid species. During one of the many long-ass elevator rides, I found myself staring at his crotch, thinking, "What if they impregnate their females by making out?" Because that would be totally inconvenient if his mate were human.

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