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The latest from Riot Games is a League of Legends animated short titled Trials of the Poro, and... posted 2 days ago

Riot Games and their faithful following have bid U.R.F. Mode a fond farewell, as the... posted Apr 14, 14 12:30pm

Void Fizz is on his way to League of Legends, and Riot today released the official splash art... posted Apr 07, 14 10:39pm

Team Builder is officially a thing in League of Legends, for as long as the MOBA exists. Riot... posted Mar 26, 14 2:41am

Patch 4.4 hits League of Legends in two days, and patch notes are now available for all... posted Mar 17, 14 4:29pm

Ever wonder how much time you waste playing League of Legends? There's an app a website for... posted Mar 11, 14 2:49pm

Vel'Koz will be joining League of Legends soon, and today, Riot has released a trailer for the... posted Feb 20, 14 8:08pm

Today marks the arrival of Hexakill in League of Legends, as the latest Featured Gameplay Mode.... posted Feb 20, 14 3:11pm

Yes, Vel'Koz is official, and he'll be released with the alternate Battlecast skin. With the... posted Feb 15, 14 2:56am

February 14 is Valentine's Day, and Riot is, of course, celebrating with a new skin. Yes,... posted Feb 13, 14 9:18pm

Oh, happy day. Patch 4.2 went live last night on League of Legends, and along with a laundry... posted Feb 11, 14 11:16am

League of Legends will be getting its highly-anticipated 4.2 update soon, very likely this... posted Feb 10, 14 6:23pm

Riot has released more limited edition Winter Games skins in League of Legends, this time in... posted Feb 08, 14 12:29am

Riot today released a teaser image for an upcoming League of Legends skin. We have an image of... posted Jan 30, 14 1:27pm

Riot has finally decided to officially showcase Tryndamere's Lunar Revel skin, for the upcoming... posted Jan 27, 14 3:24pm

Ever wonder just how profitable F2P games are? Well, the top ten online games of 2013 based on... posted Jan 21, 14 1:13am

Leaked images are spurring rumors of a new League of Legends champion, and his name is Vel'Koz.... posted Jan 16, 14 2:58pm

Riot has added several new champion bundles to League of Legends, the first of 2014. I hope... posted Jan 15, 14 2:46pm

How about those League of Legends Lunar Revel skins? Today, we see Riven's Dragonblade splash... posted Jan 10, 14 2:58pm

The Chinese/Lunar New Year is just weeks away, meaning League of Legends will be getting a... posted Jan 09, 14 3:34am

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