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Heads up, League of Legends fans. Riot has another series of 750 RP skins on the way, dubbed the... posted May 28, 15 7:23pm

We have a new League of Legends Champion Spotlight today, focused on Ekko, also known as the boy... posted May 27, 15 1:39pm

We have more League of Legends splash art today, featuring three upcoming skins. Order of the... posted May 21, 15 12:36am

Today, Riot dropped the full details on Ekko, the latest League of Legends champion. He may not be... posted May 13, 15 11:46am

League of Legends got a new champion reveal today with a new CG trailer titled Seconds. The star... posted May 10, 15 7:06pm

In a bit of exciting League of Legends news, Star Guardian Lux officially got her splash art... posted May 7, 15 3:46pm

As one skin goes off sale, another shall rise to take its place. League of Legends welcomes the... posted May 4, 15 1:00pm

League of Legends is still riding its Shurima kick, and Risen Fiddlesticks is one of the... posted Apr 30, 15 5:05pm

League of Legends now has a new Arclight skin, this time in the form of Arclight Vayne. The new... posted Apr 21, 15 9:26pm

You asked for them, now chroma packs are becoming a League of Legends reality. These new... posted Apr 6, 15 12:40pm

Prepare yourselves, League of Legends is celebrating April Fools' 2015 with an updated Ultra... posted Apr 1, 15 12:44am

Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, is on his way to League of Legends. While each new champion... posted Mar 5, 15 12:51pm

League of Legends is celebrating the arrival of DJ Sona, the MOBA's newest Ultimate tier... posted Feb 25, 15 12:22pm

A new interactive teaser has found its way to the League of Legends website today, likely... posted Feb 19, 15 3:33pm

Today, League of Legends brings a new Featured Game Mode, the Nemesis Draft, into play. Prepare... posted Feb 12, 15 11:01am

Valentine's Day is still a couple weeks away, but that's not stopping us from being excited for... posted Feb 4, 15 3:20pm

A few new League of Legends skins have shown up on the PBE, including a lovely Heartseeker... posted Jan 27, 15 12:45pm

Amumu might just be the saddest yet most adorable champion found in League of Legends, and what... posted Jan 26, 15 4:34pm

Today, Riot revealed a new Void creature for the League of Legends roster, and she is truly as... posted Nov 25, 14 1:26pm

Kalista hasn't been out for very long, but Riot already has a new League of Legends teaser for... posted Nov 24, 14 12:19pm

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