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The Halo Wars "Historic Battles" DLC is out on Xbox LIVE today, July 21, eagerly awaiting your attention. "Historic... posted Jul 21, 09 4:22pm

Microsoft announced today that their console-exclusive RTS Halo Wars has sold more than one million units worldwide,... posted Mar 19, 09 5:47pm

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Mar 8, 09 11:25pm

... I wanna bang Master Chief pretty freaking bad. He's that badass, and if you don't wanna throw yourself at this guy, there is something terribly wrong with you.

For those who keep up with gaming news, there's been tidbits implying Microsoft will be churning out a new Halo game some time in the future before you can start a family. Before I can start a family, for that matter.

I'm not old T__T even though I'm hitting 23 this month.

Anyway, thought I'd play with that "Halo 4" thing a bit with this Sunday's article. As usual, it's kinda-sorta-serious-but-not-really, so have fun with it. Would have posted it sooner except a blackout this morning punched our cable provider in the nuts.

Oh, I'm no fangirl. Not in the slightest! Ahem.

Also, changed the banner and background of the blog. Might do so again if I'm not satisfied within the next few hours... and I probably won't be. Doesn't mean I'll change it though. I also noticed my blog is first in the Top Blogs panel and has been for a week. Remarked to Sean that it confuses me because my posts don't wrack up too many comments... so it's difficult to gauge just how many people visit my page of green and foreign shit.

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Just last week, Microsoft announced that the Halo Wars: Universe Expanded series had made its debut on Xbox LIVE. ... posted Mar 2, 09 8:46pm

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Feb 27, 09 2:14am

Told you guys it was coming. Now it's here, and you're all running around going, "WUT?!"

So anyway, here's the Halo Wars review I promised you all. Some of you promised to read it, so you better. And maybe comment if you feel inclined to do so.

And as always, I am relieved to have churned out another video game review within a day. That is to say, I received it yesterday afternoon, played through the entire thing until 3:00 am, went to bed. Woke up at 7:00 am, rolled around for an hour going, "I don't wanna!" This was followed by some article writing for the front page, and then the review itself.

I had a lot to say, being a massive Halo fan. And being in love with Master Chief aka John-117. If you thought I nearly pissed myself when the Spartans showed up Halo Wars, you'd be right.

One of them was a chick, too. That's just full of badassery. Yeah, this game was pretty fun, but it doesn't top Dawn of War II; Relic has spoiled me forever. Thaddeus is a major cutey, but I think I'd pick John-117 over that guy.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I would. Bow chika bow wow, bitches.

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Microsoft has announced that the new video series Halo Wars: Universe Expanded has made its debut on Xbox... posted Feb 26, 09 6:07pm

Feb 26, 09 8:00am

So I hear you like Halo Wars! Video game retail giant GameStop has announced that it will be hosting Halo Wars... posted Feb 23, 09 11:34pm

In the first week of February, Ensemble Studios released a documentary video detailing the Spartan unit's... posted Feb 13, 09 8:25pm

Ensemble Studios, the masterminds behind Halo Wars, have released a documentary video appropriately titled, "Meet... posted Feb 3, 09 7:47pm

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Jan 23, 09 9:22pm

Most of you who read my blog regularly already know I'm one of the news writers for Neoseeker, dabbling in game reviews whenever companies feel like sending them my way (and nobody at the Canadian office wants 'em). So I felt it was appropriate to make a post declaring that all of you should read more news... especially Neoseeker's.

Yeah, you stay away from those other mean ol' game-news-blogs. We've got almost everything you need right here. Even GameGrep addicts don't seem to love us very much -- except lord monkey, and we love him dearly for it.

To prove my point, I've just posted some new screenshots from the upcoming Halo Wars demo in a front page article. I'm not going to post those images here, so you gamers need to move your cute little asses over to our MAIN PAGE if you wanna see them.

Added some random assets for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising.

It's RIGHT THERE. Can't miss it.

Also, he's here.

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Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios have announced today that Halo Wars has officially gone gold, meaning it... posted Jan 23, 09 8:10pm

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