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Big changes are coming to Halo: Reach this fall.  In a lengthy Halo-centric post, Major Nelson briefly went over... posted Aug 26, 11 2:25pm

Bungie has a significant following that has boomed over 20 years, and with the studio leaving Halo behind in... posted Aug 04, 11 2:49pm

In case you haven't heard, Bungie has been celebrating their 20th anniversary (and 10 years of Halo goodness)... posted Jun 23, 11 3:08pm

For Xbox LIVE subscribers who still haven't tried Halo: Reach, you're in luck.  A demo for Reach is available as... posted May 24, 11 1:30pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=399] No doubt you've heard about the latest Halo: Reach marketing... posted Aug 24, 10 11:17pm

Halo games tend to produce amazing trailers, be they teasers or live-action mini-movies.  The latest is a story... posted Aug 18, 10 8:31pm

Remember when Halo used to be multiplatform?  Then after Halo 2, Microsoft decided next-gen was synonymous... posted Jul 28, 10 6:25pm

Red Dead Redemption is a common sight on anyone's LIVE friend list now, since its big release last week.  The... posted May 26, 10 7:47pm

Many assumed Halo: Reach would be getting a release date at E3 in June, but Christmas comes a little earlier than... posted May 24, 10 6:58pm

As promised, a Halo: Reach live-action short film debuted this week, first on television, then everywhere else. ... posted Apr 28, 10 7:58pm

Extended version of the Halo: Reach live-action trailer, depicting a soldier's rebirth...

Halo 3 started some of the most impressive marketing in gaming.  No, we're not talking waving guns in public or... posted Apr 26, 10 8:13pm

Halo: Reach seems to be coming along, and pre-orders begin today.  Of course, this being one of the biggest...

Halo: Reach seems to be coming along, and pre-orders begin today.  Of course, this being one of the biggest...

Halo fans can start camping their mail boxes, waiting to gank the postal worker.  Why January, you ask?  Because... posted Jan 12, 10 3:33am

Halo really isn't the same without Spartans.  So after playing through ODST as every man's man, fans are finally... posted Dec 15, 09 1:29am

Here's one potentially awesome rumor for the books: Steven Spielberg has shown an interest in a Halo movie. IESB... posted Aug 10, 09 8:49pm

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