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Microsoft has come out to dispel rumors of Halo 3 finally coming to PC. Sorry to disappoint. How did the... posted Mar 18, 13 4:39pm

Bungie has a significant following that has boomed over 20 years, and with the studio leaving Halo behind in... posted Aug 4, 11 2:49pm

Red Dead Redemption is a common sight on anyone's LIVE friend list now, since its big release last week.  The... posted May 26, 10 7:47pm

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Mar 8, 09 11:25pm

... I wanna bang Master Chief pretty freaking bad. He's that badass, and if you don't wanna throw yourself at this guy, there is something terribly wrong with you.

For those who keep up with gaming news, there's been tidbits implying Microsoft will be churning out a new Halo game some time in the future before you can start a family. Before I can start a family, for that matter.

I'm not old T__T even though I'm hitting 23 this month.

Anyway, thought I'd play with that "Halo 4" thing a bit with this Sunday's article. As usual, it's kinda-sorta-serious-but-not-really, so have fun with it. Would have posted it sooner except a blackout this morning punched our cable provider in the nuts.

Oh, I'm no fangirl. Not in the slightest! Ahem.

Also, changed the banner and background of the blog. Might do so again if I'm not satisfied within the next few hours... and I probably won't be. Doesn't mean I'll change it though. I also noticed my blog is first in the Top Blogs panel and has been for a week. Remarked to Sean that it confuses me because my posts don't wrack up too many comments... so it's difficult to gauge just how many people visit my page of green and foreign shit.

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