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Guild Wars 2 will be getting its next chapter, dubbed Entanglement, in the ongoing Season 2... posted 2 days ago

Guild Wars 2: Gates of Maguuma went live just yesterday, marking the official start to Season... posted Jul 02, 14 6:20pm

Update: Guild Wars 2: Gates of Maguuma has gone live. Visit the official site to see more... posted Jul 01, 14 4:29am

Guild Wars 2 Season 2 is nearly upon is, as we crawl slowly toward July 1 one hour at a time.... posted Jun 30, 14 11:56am

Guild Wars 2 finally kicks off a new Living Story next Tuesday, on July 1, and the first real... posted Jun 24, 14 6:00am

As Guild Wars 2 players eagerly await the start of Season 2 in the game's ongoing Living Story,... posted Jun 17, 14 1:46pm

Today is the day Guild Wars 2 receives its highly-anticipated April 15 patch, and players have... posted Apr 15, 14 5:06pm

Many changes are coming to Guild Wars 2 this month, with the megaserver system being one of... posted Apr 03, 14 2:13am

Just as teased, ArenaNet today detailed yet another feature being overhauled in Guild Wars 2... posted Mar 25, 14 10:22pm

Scarlet Briar is dead, and ArenaNet is wasting no time teasing more upcoming game changes... posted Mar 20, 14 7:00pm

We did it, people. Lion's Arch is free once more, as Scarlet's forces are no longer present... posted Mar 18, 14 5:14pm

Today's the day! Guild Wars 2's most populated city is going up in flames -- literally -- in... posted Feb 18, 14 1:54pm

Scarlet's shenanigans still haven't ended, but they might soon. In the newest Guild Wars 2... posted Feb 04, 14 11:15pm

People must have been complaining that Guild Wars 2 is too easy. Today's Origins of Madness... posted Jan 21, 14 4:41pm

How long have been waiting for more Fractals content in Guild Wars 2? Well, we're about to see... posted Nov 19, 13 3:40pm

Guild Wars 2 fans, the wait is over, as today sees another update to the Nightmares Within... posted Nov 12, 13 11:18am

Today marks the beginning of Halloween in Guild Wars 2, as Lion's Arch is flooded with... posted Oct 15, 13 5:04pm

Today is Tuesday, October 1, meaning Guild Wars 2 got its much-anticipated Twilight Assault... posted Oct 01, 13 3:38pm

We're nearing the end of September, meaning MMO players might see more Halloween goodies pop up... posted Sep 24, 13 3:45pm

Tomorrow is another big day for Guild Wars 2, with some major changes like the new Tequatl... posted Sep 16, 13 7:43pm

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