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As Guild Wars 2 powers toward its third anniversary this year, ArenaNet is continuing efforts... posted Mar 31, 15 6:17pm

Legendaries are no joke in Guild Wars 2, what with being one of the toughest endgame objectives... posted Mar 26, 15 12:00pm

While most big Guild Wars 2 updates come out Tuesday, ArenaNet chose today to release a major... posted Mar 16, 15 12:49pm

Still haven't gotten your star for world completion in Guild Wars 2? Well, soon players will... posted Mar 13, 15 1:00pm

With ArenaNet's presence at PAX East this weekend, the studio is celebrating their fans and the... posted Mar 06, 15 12:39pm

Last week, I had the good fortune of visiting Seattle to see ArenaNet and spend some hands-on... posted Mar 02, 15 11:54am

Come March 10, Guild Wars 2 players will finally be getting the first-person POV, alongside a... posted Feb 25, 15 6:14pm

ArenaNet today offered up a little more info for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 class, the Revenant.... posted Feb 18, 15 11:09am

Lunar New Year isn't hitting until February 19, but in Guild Wars 2, the celebration began... posted Feb 10, 15 4:39pm

How excited are we for the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion? Incredibly, would be the... posted Feb 04, 15 11:57am

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns was confirmed today at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. A trailer... posted Jan 24, 15 8:38am

Today marks the arrival of Guild Wars 2: Point of No Return, the Season 2 Living Story finale.... posted Jan 13, 15 11:59am

Come January 13, we will finally reach the point of no return in Guild Wars 2, when all the... posted Jan 06, 15 3:02pm

Starting today, Guild Wars 2 is celebrating its third Wintersday with another offering of... posted Dec 16, 14 9:22am

Guild Wars 2 players eagerly awaiting the next Living Story chapter will need to sit through... posted Dec 09, 14 2:29pm

Another episode of Guild Wars 2's ongoing Living Story is out now, and it's actually much more... posted Dec 02, 14 10:29am

Guild Wars 2 will be getting its next Living Story update, Seeds of Truth, on December 2. That... posted Nov 24, 14 1:58pm

Big changes are coming to Guild Wars 2 PVP next month, starting December 2. ArenaNet recently... posted Nov 19, 14 12:01pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=366] Today marks the arrival of Guild Wars 2: Tangled... posted Nov 17, 14 12:57pm

Today is finally the day, Guild Wars 2 players, that we see a new Living Story update. Soon,... posted Oct 30, 14 1:22pm

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