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The Grand Theft Auto IV Steam sale has been a hit with PC gamers, so much so that Valve actually ran out of keys... posted Jul 18, 12 10:59am

Two years ago, a French filmmaker by the name of Mathieu Weschler got the idea to make a movie, but instead of... posted Jan 11, 11 9:51pm

Back in April 2008, when Grand Theft Auto IV was the next big thing, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) took... posted Jan 8, 10 10:25pm

Remember when Grand Theft Auto IV made video game history with record-breaking sales figures?  Well, that title is... posted Nov 11, 09 9:50pm

Last week, Rockstar Games announced an upcoming patch that would remedy several problems that have been irking... posted Dec 16, 08 9:56pm

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