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Feb 28, 10 12:16pm

Yes, I had previously said this baby would be on our front page by Friday night. I lied. Whoops.

Well, it's Saturday night/Sunday morning, and you will find our Greed Corp review up there now. As well as in the forums. But you know, the front page deserves love, so give it some. Hey, I'm awesome though, so I'll give you the link right here!

If you haven't a clue, Greed Corp is the first game to be based in W!Games' Mistbound world. It's a strategy game with a puzzle twist. It's rather difficult to explain everything, especially with how complex the game is. Just read about it here.

LINK: Greed Corp (XBLA) Review

I included the launch trailer in the article, so be sure to click on that. Hilariously cute stuff. And if you dig the default image above, I uploaded the game's concept art to its profile just this week.

LINK: Greed Corp Concept Art

The game will be hitting PC in the coming weeks, I think. Sometime in March, if I remember correctly.

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