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Aug 21, 09 4:21am

Did anyone read our (my) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review last month? I dropped the game's score below a 7, and it was given the lowest score I had ever awarded any game for review. I thought this was the worst I would have to put up with.

Unfortunately, I WAS DEAD *bleep*ING WRONG. Last week around this time, I received a package in the mail. At first I thought it was a late shipment of King of Fighters XII because it shared the same PR company as this God-awful game. But no, when I opened the package, I found G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra inside. Lord help me.

I knew this game wasn't going to be good. Little did I know, it would be the most painful gaming experience I have ever had in my entire 23 years on this planet. I'm not done yet, since I started just this week after the Shadow Complex review went out on Monday morning. Normally, even when I receive a game late, I try my best to finish it with all my available time -- not this time. I literally dread playing this game, like no other game I have ever laid eyes on; won't go into details, you'll have to read the review.

With most review copies, PR reps also send some fact sheets, a URL / FTP to all the assets, or a disc. Not this time. The Rocket XL rep who sent me G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra only included his contact info and a brief note about how excited he is that I want to review this game, and to contact him when I'm finished. No disc, no URL, no fact sheet, and he has failed to respond to my email request for this content.

Leo even said last week he was asking how the review was going. NEWS TO ME, since I didn't get it until the end of the flippin' week. I'm truly struggling with this one, guys. It's not just the process of playing a shit game either, but knowing that this PR rep -- despite coming off as not giving a flying shit about Neoseeker or our review of the game -- will want a link to the review when it's finished. And it's not going to be a good one...

The review will be out by Monday, is all I can guarantee. And that's only because I'm leaving for a trip across the Pacific, a trip that can no longer be postponed because my grandfather is back in the hospital.

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