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[image2 width=272 height=338 float=right] On Wednesday, Peter Molyneux surprised and amused the industry when... posted Mar 18, 11 12:54pm

In a hilariously adorable home video, Peter Molyneux lets his son, Lucas, take the spotlight.  The boy confesses... posted Sep 23, 10 9:40pm

Fable III is still over a month away, and Lionhead just keeps teasing.  While the game itself will be hitting... posted Aug 18, 10 2:07pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=366] You can still do this, just not by waving your arms at a sensor. posted Aug 5, 10 8:16am

Only the folks at Lionhead Studios can successfully mix ridiculous humor with a potentially deep metaphor.  The... posted Aug 4, 10 7:58pm

Just in case you didn't have enough distractions at work, Lionhead Studios brings us the 'Village Maker' browser... posted Aug 2, 10 8:32pm

Peter Molyneux knows video games, and he actually likes how Rockstar set up the menus in Grand Theft Auto.  So... posted Jul 8, 10 5:40am

High hopes rest on Fable III, as they did on Fable I and II.  As October 26 drawing nearer by the day, Lionhead... posted Jun 30, 10 6:02am

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  • "Excellent fun, if a little short. I just wish there had been more of it and at more of a challenge! Fable3"
    Mouldy Cheese Jul 7, 11 8:05am
  • "Beat the game Fable3"
    tekmosis Nov 12, 10 10:44pm
  • "its so addictive! just couldnt stop playing it Fable3"
    WestlifeRule Nov 4, 10 2:10pm
  • "Really enjoying the game, can't wait to get home to play. Fable3"
    tekmosis Oct 29, 10 11:17pm
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