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Feb 17, 10 9:58am

So I hear you guys like video games. That's good, because I like video games too, which means we can not be enemies. That is optimal for all parties.

If you gamers haven't been keeping track of the front page content, shame on you. We've got a crap ton of new reviews and other gaming features... so SHAME ON YOU. Don't worry, I know how you can redeem yourself. Yes, it's not too late to read all that awesomeness, and I've got the links right here.

The most recent is, of course, DYNASTY WARRIORS: Strikeforce for Xbox 360 and PS3, from KOEI. Caps are official, yes. Japanese companies, what're you gonna do, right? Anywaaaay, you should read this review, especially if you like DW. One thing about the game that bugged me was the lack of custom character creation. Turns out it's still awesome, and I'm betting we'll get Create-A-Warrior in the sequel, assuming there is one.

LINK: DYNASTY WARRIORS: Strikeforce (Xbox 360) Review

As for everything else? Prepared to be bombarded with WIN! There are reviews all over the damn place, plus one preview. Clicky click, kiddies. Now, I need to make up for lost sleep. And not play games I've been wanting to play. Like Dragon Age. Or Assassin's Creed II. Nor BioShock 2...

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