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Capcom today released a ton more things to look at for their upcoming Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen expansion. The... posted Jan 23, 13 2:26pm

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen will be arriving next year, but what exactly can we expect with the game's first... posted Dec 10, 12 3:42pm

Next week, Dragon's Dogma owners will be free to tackle the game once more through the new Hard Mode or Speedrun.... posted Nov 26, 12 4:59pm

Capcom is giving Dragon's Dogma players another reason to get back into their hit RPG by adding Hard Mode and... posted Sep 21, 12 4:18am

Capcom has pushed back the release of that in-depth PS3 exclusive Dragon's Dogma demo, at least by a couple... posted Aug 9, 12 11:51am

Dragon's Dogma may be a single-player game, but that's not stopping Capcom from adding in the epic-level... posted May 9, 12 11:05am

We haven't seen any new Dragon's Dogma enemies in a while, but today sees the addition of three more enemy types,... posted Apr 10, 12 1:42pm

Folks waiting for Capcom's upcoming original RPG Dragon's Dogma will be happy to learn that it's been given a... posted Jan 31, 12 1:15pm

Arisen's default appearance in Dragon's Dogma may not suit everyone's tastes, but that's fine, because you'll... posted Oct 31, 11 6:56pm

Capcom released a new batch of Dragon's Dogma screenshots today, and while they don't exactly introduce any new... posted Oct 20, 11 3:31pm

We've got more Dragon's Dogma stuff for you hopeful fans to check out.  For TGS -- going on this week -- Capcom... posted Sep 15, 11 3:00pm

Today's batch of Dragon's Dogma screenshots show something a bit different.  Sure, you've still got the monsters,... posted Aug 16, 11 3:46pm

With a name like "Cassardis," you can't expect the place to be very nice.  In fact, Cassardis seems to have an... posted Jul 19, 11 1:01pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=312] Go for the eyes, go for the eyes! Ever find yourself reading... posted May 26, 11 1:13pm

Capcom was doing quite a bit of teasing last week with the mystery website, but let's be honest -- we all knew... posted Apr 12, 11 1:52pm

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