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BioWare knows quite well how popular the men of Mass Effect and Dragon Age are. And who could... posted Apr 1, 14 4:11pm

Any Dragon Age fan can explain what an Exalted March is about, but not quite so many people have heard about the... posted Mar 20, 12 12:19pm

BioWare began teasing the Dragon Age community recently, and not surprisingly, all that teasing has led up to the... posted Sep 16, 11 1:32pm

BioWare hasn't been keeping quiet in the face of Dragon Age II criticism, and the studio's explanations have been... posted Aug 30, 11 3:43pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=365] When gamers get burned, they also get vocal.  While Dragon Age II has... posted Jul 20, 11 5:07pm

Looks like Dragon Age II will be getting its first major content add-on earlier than we expected.  The "Legacy"... posted Jul 7, 11 2:06pm

A recent post on the BioWare Social Network brings word of the latest Dragon Age II patch that should make plenty... posted May 31, 11 4:24pm

Dragon Age II launched just yesterday, and if you haven't had a chance to pick the game up for whatever reason,... posted Mar 9, 11 5:31pm

BioWare has revealed Hawke's love interests for Dragon Age II, timing the spoiler-ific announcement with... posted Feb 16, 11 5:04am

March 8 feels painfully far away, but at least we'll have that Dragon Age II demo later this month to help ease... posted Feb 8, 11 11:18pm

Okay, let's face it; no matter how much you love Dragon Age: Origins, the sex scenes were just too damn awkward... posted Feb 7, 11 9:13pm

All right, Dragon Age fans, hope you already pre-ordered for your free Signature Edition upgrade, because the... posted Jan 12, 11 9:29pm

BioWare and EA have developed a relatively effective method of convincing gamers to purchase their games new and... posted Jan 7, 11 8:17pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=406] We're often used to seeing the poor and downtrodden in medieval themed... posted Dec 3, 10 11:04pm

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  • "This game improved on some of the elements of the first game. The first is still better in my opinion. Still an excellent game. DragonAge2"
    Shockwave07 Nov 20, 11 4:32pm
  • "Its fun but i never play it anymore DragonAge2"
    Pokemonfan19 Jun 7, 11 1:26pm
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