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The Phoenix has been officially announced on the third day of Dota 2's New Blood Festival... posted Jan 28, 14 1:41pm

The Lunar New Year is just a few days away, and Dota 2 has today revealed a new incoming hero,... posted Jan 27, 14 5:37pm

One can never have too many Dota 2 announcer packs. Another crossover pack coming soon to... posted Nov 18, 13 5:25pm

How about that Dota 2? A huge update for Valve's remake of the classic Warcraft-based MOBA is... posted Sep 19, 13 4:37pm

Over the weekend, Valve made the Dota 2 Spectator Client available to all Steam users. Now you can watch live and... posted Aug 20, 12 5:44pm

Valve has just officially announced Dota 2 as a free-to-play game, a development which no doubt surprises very... posted May 31, 12 6:53pm

Looks like Blizzard and Valve have finally worked out their dispute over the DOTA name, which the two companies... posted May 11, 12 2:19pm

While Dota 2 made its debut at gamescom this week, complete with its own nostalgia-packed CG trailer. ... posted Aug 18, 11 2:41pm

Dota 2 will be making its worldwide debut later this week with an international tournament at gamescom 2011.  To... posted Aug 15, 11 5:21pm

When it comes to DotA 2, Valve isn't satisfied with conventional means of advertising.  Instead, this reboot of... posted Aug 1, 11 2:17pm

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  • "Classic moba! Difficult and requires plenty of commitment. Dota2"
    Mouldy Cheese May 1, 12 6:58pm
  • "Just won my first round <3 Dota2"
    walnuts Apr 21, 12 2:23am
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