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If one of your favorite platforms happens to be of the digital variety, and you're an Xbox 360 user, Games on... posted May 29, 13 8:34pm

If you've been waiting for more Vergil goodness in DmC: Devil May Cry, rest assured that wait is coming to an... posted Feb 20, 13 11:48am

With today's DmC: Devil May Cry patch comes news of that previously announced Bloody Palace mode. Anyone waiting... posted Feb 13, 13 5:52pm

Update (1/23/13): Looks like Dante's wardrobe will be expanding elsewhere too, Capcom confirmed today. The... posted Jan 18, 13 3:31pm

Devil May Cry fans who prefer Vergil over Dante can still play as the older half-demon brother in DmC, at least... posted Nov 12, 12 1:23pm

A new collection of DmC screenshots have come out of Capcom at this week's Tokyo Game Show, featuring none other... posted Sep 20, 12 2:18pm

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