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A leaked image circulating the Internet points to a possible Dishonored II reveal this year at... posted Mar 3, 14 3:36pm

Looks like Dishonored is getting its very own Game of the Year Edition next month. That's got... posted Sep 12, 13 1:00pm

Come August 13, we'll be seeing the final chapter in Daud's story, as Dishonored DLC The... posted Aug 7, 13 4:20am

Bethesda is evidently just as excited to show us more of the new Dishonored DLC as we are to... posted Mar 13, 13 2:25pm

We all knew more Dishonored DLC was on the way, and today, Bethesda is teasing the hell out of... posted Jul 15, 13 1:40pm

A major discount for Arkane Studios' 2012 hit Dishonored is the latest Gold exclusive to arrive on Xbox LIVE. The... posted Jul 9, 13 10:49pm

Now here's something cosplayers would kill to have: a legitimate Corvo mask, from Dishonored. What makes it... posted Dec 27, 12 2:27pm

2012's year of gaming is coming to a close and that means Neoseeker is deep in deliberation over its "Game of the... posted Dec 19, 12 10:14am

Today marks Dishonored's very first post-release title update, for all three platforms the game happens to be on.... posted Dec 4, 12 6:04pm

Disclaimer: The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the various authors (including me) do not necessarily... posted Oct 15, 12 7:04pm

Oct 5, 12 4:26pm
Dark game is dark. DishonoredDefinitiveEdition
Oct 5, 12 4:25pm
Reviewing this right now. Dark stuff. DishonoredDefinitiveEdition

Dishonored will be out next month, in just a couple weeks, and in anticipation of such, Arkane and Bethesda have... posted Sep 18, 12 6:00pm

So you can do a lot of horrible things to people in Dishonored, but nothing makes us realize how creepy rat... posted Sep 14, 12 1:29pm

Dishonored, as many now know, is a game about player choice. How you go about your quest for revenge as Corvo... posted Sep 13, 12 2:35pm

Aug 6, 12 10:17am
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Dishonored is, without a doubt, one of the most promising titles to show up at E3 this year. Being a totally new... posted Jun 9, 12 12:09am

Tonight saw the debut of several trailers for both new games and previously announced ones, covering Castlevania:... posted May 31, 12 11:22pm

Arkane Studios' supernatural steampunk adventure Dishonored will be arriving this October for both North America... posted May 10, 12 7:22am

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