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Your wait for more Adam goodness is nearly at an end, Deus Ex fans, because The Missing Link will be arriving... posted Oct 13, 11 2:07pm

Eidos and SqEnix have set up a simple little blog where interested parties can check for the latest tidbits on... posted Sep 19, 11 12:31pm

We already knew about the "leaked" Missing Link DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but today, Square Enix and... posted Sep 8, 11 1:15pm

[image1 link=yes width=330 height=186 float=right] If you haven't heard, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has some... posted Sep 6, 11 1:58pm

If you played Deus Ex: Human Revolution recently, you might have noticed a mysterious message on the main menu. ... posted Sep 2, 11 2:29pm

The future portrayed in Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn't a particularly pleasant one -- not for everyone, anyway. ... posted Aug 23, 11 2:11pm

If, even after all these months, you still find yourself clueless on the subject of Deus Ex: Human Revolution,... posted Aug 3, 11 4:07pm

In the third Deus Ex: Human Revolution "Behind 2027" video, the developers at Eidos Montreal step into actual... posted Jul 29, 11 3:15pm

For the latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer, Eidos and Square decided to something a little different. ... posted Jul 22, 11 1:36pm

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a lot going on, and we don't just mean all the physical clutter lying around.  No,... posted Jul 12, 11 1:33pm

Last Friday, Eidos released their first "The Year 2027" behind-the-scenes video, giving us a glimpse of the world... posted Jul 8, 11 8:07pm

One of the most amazing aspects of Deus Ex: Human Revolution may be the world it takes place in.  Who knows what... posted Jul 1, 11 4:15pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=406] In all we've heard about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, customizability... posted Jun 13, 11 8:52pm

E3 2011 is just five days away, and you know what that means: amazing E3 trailers.  Eidos Montreal released one... posted Jun 1, 11 1:07pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=366] Well, that looks appropriately painful. Look what we've got: a new... posted May 12, 11 2:50pm

The week hasn't officially ended yet and we've got another Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer for your enjoyment. ... posted Mar 25, 11 1:20pm

Deus Ex: Human Revolution won't be out until late August, so until then, all you can really do is watch trailers... posted Mar 21, 11 2:07pm

If a game's worth is measured by how long it takes to finish, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is already one step ahead... posted Jan 17, 11 9:22pm

Remember this teaser a while back?  We've seen more badass cinematic snippets since that first one teased the... posted Dec 11, 10 1:34am

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