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Capcom Vancouver, the studio behind Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, has trimmed its workforce by seven percent... posted Jul 18, 12 4:11pm

When companies see a good thing -- that which brings in lots of money -- they tend to stick with it.  Such is the... posted Nov 15, 10 7:48pm

Dead Rising: CASE ZERO is a couple weeks from launching on Xbox LIVE, and for now, we've got load of new Dead... posted Aug 18, 10 8:38am

Capcom announced the release date for Dead Rising 2 today, so that's pretty damn awesome.  If you miss Frank... posted Jun 28, 10 6:49pm

On August 31, North Americans can step into the shoes of Chuck Greene, a resourceful ex-Motocross champ with his... posted Apr 20, 10 6:20pm

Remember Dead Rising with Frank West?  Pretty good game, right?  Apparently, that zombie-fest in the midwest... posted Apr 13, 10 6:43pm

[image2 link=yes width=345 height=191] Happy to eat you! Capcom's numerous delays left fanboys screaming in... posted Jan 26, 10 9:07pm

Some of the most-highly anticipated games of 2010 have hit a snag.  In an investor document released today in... posted Dec 22, 09 10:01pm

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  • "Was not as good as I had hoped. The biggest problem was the time limits. DeadRising2"
    Ecto5 Sep 6, 11 6:56pm
  • "Learning curve is really high. Low levels are painful, but gets much easier at higher levels. Cotinued play let it grow on me. DeadRising2"
    Machienzo Apr 20, 11 6:43pm
  • "S-Rank Ending :) DeadRising2"
    Omerotsu Nov 9, 10 2:52pm
  • "awesome but short unless you go for 100% competion DeadRising2"
    cheats a lot Oct 13, 10 3:15pm
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