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Remember Dead Rising with Frank West?  Pretty good game, right?  Apparently, that zombie-fest in the midwest... posted Apr 13, 10 6:43pm

This week's Xbox LIVE update introduces some lovely updates, and Gold subscribers are getting "Deal of the Week"... posted Jan 12, 10 7:56pm

In the wake of solemn news -- mostly about Activision's price jacking -- Capcom follows up with a rather sweet... posted Aug 10, 09 10:59pm

Most gamers would agree that for a Japanese company, Capcom sure has a way with pleasing Western audiences.  Many of... posted Mar 03, 09 6:57pm

Most of us remember the rather obvious disclaimers telling us Dead Rising has nothing to with MKR's Dawn of the Dead... posted Nov 20, 08 12:01am

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