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I imagine some of you may have plans tonight for Valentine's Day, and some won't. Either way, these Dead Island... posted Feb 14, 13 5:24pm

Dead Island has been out since September 2011, and publisher Deep Silver has proudly announced that the... posted Feb 5, 13 4:04pm

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition is officially a thing, publisher Deep Silver announced today, and it's been... posted May 23, 12 11:16am

Next Wednesday, Dead Island fans will have some new DLC to play around with.  The Ryder White add-on is set for... posted Jan 26, 12 4:35pm

Looks like we'll be seeing new Dead Island content next month.  Deep Silver announced today that their co-op... posted Jan 16, 12 12:22pm

So Dead Island has been out a while, but the "Bloodbath Arena" add-on is finally on its way.  Come Tuesday,... posted Nov 14, 11 5:34pm

Rumors of a Dead Island movie have been flying around for a while, and today, publisher Deep Silver announced... posted Sep 27, 11 3:15pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=366] Dead Island has been in development for years, so not surprisingly,... posted Sep 1, 11 3:12pm

Dead Island finally arrives next Tuesday, on September 6, and to begin the countdown, Deep Silver and Techland... posted Aug 31, 11 3:28pm

The final Dead Island playable survivor popped up in yesterday's co-op trailer, and today, we've finally received... posted Aug 10, 11 5:36pm

While Dead Island can either be a single-player or cooperative experience, zombies are best tackled with friends,... posted Aug 9, 11 3:31pm

Ever get the feeling games are getting shorter and shorter?  Well, that's not going to be an issue with Dead... posted Jul 14, 11 5:58pm

So most publishers tend to announce pre-order incentives all at once, but not Deep Silver.  If you ran over to... posted Jul 8, 11 4:07pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=366] Proper marketing really is everything, a fact that publisher Deep... posted Jun 15, 11 11:34pm

So it turns out Dead Island won't be out in August, but rather one month later in early September.  Techland and... posted Jun 7, 11 12:37am

Dead Island is coming out later this year, and Deep Silver really hopes you like it enough already to pre-order... posted Jun 3, 11 2:21pm

Thanks to Dead Island, we may never trust another remote island paradise ever again.  The latest teaser from... posted May 17, 11 12:24pm

Dead Island publisher Deep Silver has joined with industry giant Square Enix to distribute Techland's upcoming... posted May 3, 11 12:17pm

[image1 width=272 height=300 float=right] Who knew the ESRB had an issue with hanged bodies?  Consider us... posted Mar 21, 11 7:27pm

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  • "Rider White's storyline is awesome. Get a gun almost right off the bat! Along with a handful of Exploders... DeadIsland"
    ShadeHunter Nov 12, 13 11:55am
  • "I'm Logan level like 20 something DeadIsland"
    bloodyvamp Apr 2, 12 10:55am
  • "a gruesome bit of fun and a really impressive game DeadIsland"
    nasty nappa Jan 22, 12 4:01pm
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