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After seemingly abandoned to death, the Darksiders series is showing new signs of life, as key... posted Aug 8, 14 2:08pm

The Darksiders and Red Faction franchises are far from dead. Nordic Games, current owners of... posted Feb 13, 14 7:49pm

Today has proven to be one of the saddest days for the most diehard Darksiders fans. When THQ's assets were being... posted Jan 23, 13 6:56pm

2012's year of gaming is coming to a close and that means Neoseeker is deep in deliberation over its "Game of the... posted Dec 7, 12 10:25pm

The next Darksiders 2 downloadable content will be arriving tomorrow, and introduces us to the Demon Lord Belial.... posted Dec 3, 12 5:16pm

Darksiders II will be receiving its second bit of downloadable content before month's end, Vigil Games revealed... posted Oct 24, 12 11:51am

Lot of Darksiders II fans may have been ready to fork over money for Death's Crow Armor and Scythes, but there's... posted Oct 9, 12 7:45pm

The first bit of Darksiders II DLC, Argul's Tomb DLC pack, will be hitting consoles and PC next week, THQ... posted Sep 19, 12 12:45pm

Vigil released today four Darksiders II guide videos on four bosses from the game. If you happen to be... posted Aug 17, 12 1:59pm

Darksiders II developer Vigil Games have released a statement in response to criticisms regarding the game's... posted Aug 15, 12 12:22pm

Aug 14, 12 11:02pm
Review went up Tuesday, right on time. :) Darksiders2DeathinitiveEdition

Darksiders II lead combat designer Ben Cureton takes a moment to better acquaint us with the new Arena mode in a... posted Aug 10, 12 3:03pm

Aug 7, 12 1:22pm
Reviewing this. ENJOYING IT. Darksiders2DeathinitiveEdition

Darksiders II will be out next Tuesday, so we see the last "gameplay" trailer today. Not actual raw gameplay... posted Aug 7, 12 12:33pm

If the Darksiders II campaign isn't enough to satiate your bloodlust, THQ and Vigil have you covered with the new... posted Aug 6, 12 12:23pm

The newest Darksiders II CG trailer shows Death going on a rampage across Earth and Hell, but he's not after us.... posted Aug 2, 12 10:18pm

So we're now about two weeks away from Darksiders II, and the official site has updated the weapons list to get... posted Aug 1, 12 4:32pm

Okay, so today saw no shortage of Darksiders II, and now THQ has released the hardware requirements for the PC... posted Jul 25, 12 4:18pm

We're just a few weeks away from Darksiders II and seeing Death in all his glory, and THQ has a new... posted Jul 19, 12 2:26pm

Earlier this week on the official Darksiders Facebook page, THQ announced a companion app for Vigil's upcoming... posted Jul 18, 12 12:55pm

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