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Few franchises can generate as much profit and ignite so much controversy as Call of Duty, yet recent industry... posted Apr 16, 12 1:14pm

The Black Ops - Rezurrection DLC was first released to Xbox 360 (in customary Call of Duty fashion) back in... posted Sep 12, 11 1:18pm

When Activision announced the $1 Million Tournament earlier this week, some of us were understandably confused of... posted Aug 5, 11 12:56pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=347] Call of Duty XP is shaping up to be every Call of Duty fan's wildest... posted Aug 3, 11 1:19pm

Tomorrow marks the debut of another Black Ops content pack, and today, Treyarch 'n' Activision release a new... posted Jun 27, 11 4:42pm

We're approaching the end of June, meaning the next Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack is drawing near.  The... posted Jun 22, 11 3:57pm

The wait is nearly at an end for Call of Duty fans on the PS3.  Activision announced today the "Escalation"... posted Jun 3, 11 3:59pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=390] Okay, by now you've probably already heard about Activision's big Call... posted May 31, 11 6:00am

If you own Black Ops for PC, then we have good news: the Escalation pack is finally headed your way.  Come June... posted May 19, 11 1:21pm

Treyarch and Activision released the Black Ops Escalation content pack to Xbox LIVE today, in case you weren't up... posted May 3, 11 12:42pm

Activision and Treyarch like to work a little live action humor into Black Ops trailers, and if you're a fan of... posted Apr 28, 11 4:50pm

As with the last Black Ops map pack reveals, Treyarch and Activision is saving Zombies mode goodies for last. ... posted Apr 26, 11 3:29pm

[image1 width=650 height=309] The Call of Duty: Black Ops 'Escalation' map pack isn't big news anymore, but... posted Apr 11, 11 12:41pm

The Black Ops 'First Strike' map pack has finally made its way to PSN as of today, and if you're still miffed... posted Mar 3, 11 9:38pm

The first Black Ops map pack has already been on Xbox LIVE for over a week, but if you own the game on PS3, know... posted Feb 9, 11 11:33pm

By now, you should be pretty familiar with the five new Black Ops maps, available next week on February 1 to the... posted Jan 28, 11 11:27pm

The Black Ops 'First Strike' DLC was announced way back in early December, but we're getting closer to February,... posted Jan 17, 11 8:56pm

Cheaters often prosper but at great risk, as one particular Call of Duty cheater recently found out.  A... posted Dec 9, 10 10:25pm

The next Call of Duty installment is less than a week away, and if you're stoked about the game, maybe the... posted Nov 4, 10 6:36pm

We're not sure why, but video game censorship often comes off a bit silly, and the latest story comes from Square... posted Nov 3, 10 8:28pm

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