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May 18, 11 11:05pm

At launch, Brink was besieged by a myriad of gameplay issues, ranging in severity.  As such, the Brink community... posted Jul 29, 11 2:03pm

The very first Brink DLC is on the way, only slightly later than originally anticipated.  When first announced,... posted Jun 24, 11 1:54pm

It's no secret that Brink had a less-than-smooth launch, regardless of platform.  Obviously some versions... posted May 13, 11 5:32pm

Brink will be out tomorrow, May 10, and seeing as how Bethesda has been releasing trailers on a daily basis for... posted May 9, 11 1:00pm

We're just one weekend and a Monday away from Brink, so why stop with the trailers now?  Surprisingly, Splash... posted May 6, 11 1:11pm

Because you haven't had enough of these videos, Bethesda and Splash Damage released a new "Get SMART" tutorial... posted May 5, 11 2:01pm

Okay, so yesterday's Brink video on the game's HUD wasn't the last "Get SMART" video.  Today sees yet another... posted May 4, 11 12:44pm

My this time next week, you'll probably already have your copy of Brink.  Already know which class you're going... posted May 3, 11 4:08pm

Hyped for Brink?  Good, because May 10 is just around the corner.  Splash Damage and Bethesda isn't about to tone... posted Apr 26, 11 5:42pm

The latest we're seeing from Bethesda and Splash Damage is a Brink gameplay trailer, titled "Ready & Able."  The... posted Apr 5, 11 12:42pm

Brink is coming along nicely, though its release is still months away, some time next spring.  Regardless, Splash... posted Aug 16, 10 8:45pm

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