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Another year has come and gone, and with it our second Game of the Year countdown. Over... posted Jan 13, 14 9:30pm

2013's year of gaming is coming to a close and that means Neoseeker is deep in deliberation... posted Jan 7, 14 10:06pm

The right-wing conservative group NLF, or The National Liberty Foundation, has posted BioShock... posted Dec 16, 13 8:14am

Oh my God, it's finally here! BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One has arrived, and... posted Nov 12, 13 6:30am

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea gets its first episode tomorrow, but there have already been... posted Nov 11, 13 4:55pm

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One is on its way, but Irrational is letting fans... posted Oct 8, 13 12:46pm

Who looks forward to DLC more than a full game? Well, when that DLC is for a game like BioShock... posted Oct 7, 13 3:39pm

Irrational Games today released a new teaser for the upcoming BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea... posted Oct 4, 13 5:47am

The wait is finally over, as 2K today unveils BioShock Infinite add-ons Clash in the Clouds and... posted Jul 30, 13 5:40am

Take-Two Interactive has released their financial report for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013, and the... posted May 13, 13 3:34pm

Happy Friday! Now how about celebrating the end of your work/school week with some more BioShock Infinite... posted Apr 26, 13 3:37pm

Disclaimer: The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the various authors (including me) do not necessarily... posted Apr 15, 13 11:56pm

We can't always love the cover art that wind up on video game boxes, even for games we love. The good people at... posted Apr 8, 13 1:40pm

Mar 27, 13 1:28pm
I love this game... BioShockInfinite

Hope you're ready for BioShock Infinite, because it's coming out tomorrow. As such, a launch trailer is needed to... posted Mar 25, 13 1:14pm

Booker may be on the cover of BioShock Infinite, but you could argue that Elizabeth is equally as important as a... posted Mar 20, 13 1:30pm

Pre-order benefits are often a nice way of getting folks to reserve games and boost pre-release figures for... posted Jan 24, 13 12:51pm

BioShock Infinite will be out in March, so now might be a good time to see if your rig can run the game. That is... posted Jan 15, 13 6:27pm

We really haven't heard anything about BioShock Vita in a while, but recently, Irrational's Ken Levine revealed... posted Dec 7, 12 12:50pm

Here it is, folks, the annual Video Game Awards on Spike TV.  Keep up with our updates on major announcements... posted Dec 10, 11 5:18pm

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