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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Sep 11, 09 12:24am

If you haven't already noticed, our PR wiz Adrian went to PAX this year and has been posting his coverage these days on the front page. If you haven't noticed, then I'm not sure why you guys even bother visiting Neoseeker. Good job, now I hate you forever.

But you should probably (definitely) still check out Adrian's coverage. It's still being updated, but Day 1 is up for your viewing pleasure: Neoseeker visits PAX 2009.

Lots more meetings than I'm used to do, and there was more hilarity / frustration with all the headsets and various crappy mics not working. Echos, beat boxing, underwater noises, birds warking, and the fact that I sound like a Cylon -- all quite hilarious, yes. I need a new mic. Either order online or go to Best Buy (shithole).

But I'm about ready to turn my back on today and play video games. Mm, yes, more Arkham Asylum awaits me. I think I'm pretty damn close to fighting Ivy, which pleases me immensely. I look forward to kicking her ass. Still would've liked more Harley and Ivy moments though -- those two are sweet together. *bleep* the Joker, I'm all for Ivy x Harley!

Aside from that, tried the Garou: Mark of the Wolves demo, because Rock Howard is cute and Terry Board is awesome. Don't think I'll be buying it. Had enough of the game at the arcades years ago, so I'm saving that 800 Microsoft Points.


Update: PAX 2009 Day 2 coverage has been posted this morning. Check it out HERE.

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Sep 4, 09 2:01am

In Taiwan, I do all my Internet'ing on my netbook. This thing is ultra convenient when you're on the go, especially at conventions; but for everyday use, I really miss my desktop at home. Luckily, mi madre and I have successfully been added to a flight on Saturday, September 5, having been on the waiting list for a week. Because of China Airlines' 50th anniversary event, we managed to redeem our mileage points and get free tickets. That meant we were lower on the priority list for last minute flight changes.

A typhoon should be hitting Taiwan over the weekend, so I think we'll avoid that by a day or so. I'm expecting a lot of turbulence as we leave the island. But getting home on Labor Day weekend means we'll get to settle in a bit before work starts. Otherwise, we would've returned on September 8, and that's no fun.

The disconnect between myself and this country continues to grow. I become more Westernized, and this small island nation retains so many traditional values, while being hit hard with globalization and Western exposure but not known what to do with all that. Sociology is messy!

And for whatever reason -- economy on life support, Hurricane Morakot ("diamond" in Thai) decimating the south -- things have just changed. Aside from my bacterial infection, which the kind doctor attributed to my exhaustion, the food overall no longer satisfies me. Guess the next I come back, I'm going to have to find new places to eat. Really though, that's another problem in Asia, not just Taiwan; it's rare these days to find a favorite joint and be able to visit it year after year... after year. Things just change so quickly, and I honestly hate that.

The Internet and having it with us everywhere we go doesn't help the situation. Life happens faster and faster, and when I'm out, my own friends or just other people I see will often be glued to their phones, now called mobile devices because of their multi-capabilities. And that's really the better situation; more often than not, people will distract themselves with email, texting, Twitter, and so on... all on their goddamn phones. While out with friends. In real life. Having dinner. You know, doing stuff with people in person.

"Sorry, I have to check this." No, no you *bleep*ing don't. Just three *bleep*ing years ago, you very likely didn't. And what about five or eight years ago? Hell, what happened to the 90s? Were you frickin' dying without your mobile device then? I think not, you pathetic twats. But then everyone expects you to be available all the time now because of these devices and mobile Internet. Seriously, this world is going way too damn fast; it'll catch on fire soon enough, fly off its axis and go hurling into the sun.

I'll be chillin' at home with the AC up and my Xbox 360 powered on. When I get back, I'm going to tear through Arkham Asylum, since its reached my doorstep and made it into our home. Amazon recently had a sweet deal on Force Unleashed because the new Sith edition is coming out; they've been clearing inventory. With shipping, the game cost me a little under $15 -- not a bad deal. Army of Two will be a co-op experience with my college buddy, so I'll be able to juggle that with either single player game.

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Aug 29, 09 11:32pm

Not something I announced, though I did mention offhand on GameGrep and my Twitter that I'd be headin' to Taiwan for a couple weeks (oh goody) to visit family. Let's be clear -- if this is a vacation, sure doesn't feel like it.

I told a friend that I would be visiting the hospital here (one grandfather was there), and it turns out I did -- because I got massively ill. Taiwan has a major H1N1 problem, it seems, so serious that school has been postponed in many places. The recent typhoon that hit the south like an Asian Katrina didn't help the situation for this island nation either. So I was taken to a hospital, which turned to be a really new one run by a Buddhist global aid group and funded purely by donations, so that was a major relief; I have a massive fear of Taiwan hospitals from a bad experience as a child.

They thought I had H1N1 at first too, but it turned out to be food poisoning. My blood test was rushed due to the apparent urgency of my symptoms -- debilitating fever, muscle soreness, other unpleasantness that some of you don't want to hear.

Never been happy in my life to find out I had an awful bacterial infection, let me tell you. NEVER BEEN, and probably never again.

Also, I miss video games a lot. I ordered Batman: Arkham Asylum and Army of Two, so at least one game will be waiting for me when I get back. I definitely cannot wait to try them both. Most people assume I reviewed the first game, so I keep getting asked about it. That depresses me, because I want to play it SO BADLY!

Have a pleasant weekend, people.

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Jul 31, 09 12:00am

Comic-Con International was tiring, to be truthful, but I had fun. It was my first year, and despite having to some interviews solo, I saw a lot, learned a lot.

Anyway, the next thing I posted is a feature article. I transcribed the interview I did with Rocksteady game director, Sefton Hill, who is also director for Batman: Arkham Asylum. Yeah, sounds familiar, huh? The guy has a heavy accent, had some trouble transcribing it all manually, but it's there.

Some stuff he covers is character depth for both the villains and Batman himself, the possibility of exploring Bruce Wayne's psyche, and Arkham Asylum as more than just a setting. All in all, Hill promises this will be a true Batman experience that comic fans and gamers alike will enjoy.
Neo: Can you detail a few ways the game stays true to the whole Batman experience? Fans are really into that.

SH: Yeah, I mean one of the great things were the license that we have. It's the comic book license, so it's 70 years of Batman history to draw on. So you know we have all the great characters in there; Joker is obviously the main antagonist in the game. We also have Harley Quinn in the game, for the first time, with her relationship with the Joker.

And I think one of the big things for the game that fans are really gonna enjoy is -- for us -- the main important thing is Batman's relationship with these villains you know. I think what defines Batman, and what makes him really interesting is he has this great array of supervillains. And that's so different to a lot other comic characters where the hero is so good, but they don't have this great array of villains who could all have their own games.

And it's that relationship which drives all of them, so the game essentially is about Batman's relationship with Joker, Batman's relationship with Harley, Harley's relationship with Joker -- how he treats her, mistreats her, abuses her, you know. I think what fans are really gonna enjoy is that it's not dumbed down. It's about what you like when you read the comics, what I like when I read the comics. It's about the characters; it's not just flat out buildings just for the sake of it! It's about these characters and how they interact. And I think that's what fans are going to enjoy most.
Full Q&A interview thing is here: Batman: Arkham Asylum director Q&A.

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