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Jun 23, 09 8:03am


Too much caps? Too bad, blame Japanese pop culture and their obsession with CAPS LOCK. Anyway, thought some of you might like to know that our DYNASTY WARRIORS 6: Empires review is complete and should be up on the front page.

Game comes out today in North America, so if you're curious about it, do check out our review. Otherwise, know that it's a pretty good game as far as Dynasty Warriors go, but won't be converting any KOEI haters either.

I know you want to read this, and you know I know you do: Neoseeker reviews DYNASTY WARRIORS 6: Empires.

Also, feel free to leave feedback here or on the forums. It's how we know we're doing a good / shitty job. As for me, I do plan to go back and play this game some more. It's always nice playing games without a deadline, and I enjoy that feeling of freedom after each review. Brief as it is.

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