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Apr 12, 09 2:11am

Demigod review in progress, no Sunday article

Saturday took a turn for the shitter, but that's just boring drama... hardly fit for blog material.

Latest review will be for Stardock's Demigod, due Tuesday morning, April 14, which is the same day the game comes out. As always, this means I won't be writing a Sunday editorial, as game reviews generally milk my brain to death.

Helped Jamie out with his The Godfather II review yesterday and today, so keep an eye out for that.

Did cheat a little when I took a break from reviewing to play more Resident Evil 5 on LIVE. Capcom sent out an email last week via their press site, offering free review codes for "Versus," and I did request one. Unfortunately, I haven't received any response. It's not a huge disappoint, since I wasn't terribly interested in the DLC to begin with. No, not because of all the drama from gamers.

I gotta say, even if Capcom isn't lying and the DLC is more than just a damn unlock key, "Versus" feels like a ripoff at 400 Microsoft Points. Capcom has already said the add-on uses "assets that exist in the game," and those who have downloaded "Versus" say it's exactly like Mercenaries with the exception of its competitive aspect.

Don't get me wrong. Resident Evil 5 is a great game in my book, and I gave it a near-perfect score in Neoseeker's review. Doesn't mean I think "Versus" is worth the money.

Couldn't they at least have thrown in new outfits or Josh Stone as a Mercenaries character or something?

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