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Feb 20, 09 2:26am

Mirror's Edge Pure Time Trial DLC review on front page...

The Mirror's Edge Pure Time Trial Map Pack is out today for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I know PC gamers are getting this DLC too, but I heard it wasn't available just yet?

Anyway, the DLC hasn't made front page news, generally speaking, and the Xbox 360 Dashboard isn't exactly advertising its release despite having suffered a delay. I think that's pretty unfair, as the Dashboard is currently dominated by usual suspects like GTA IV, which I do love. I just think Mirror's Edge deserves more recognition despite a lukewarm reception, having made a bigger splash with all the pre-release hype than it did post-launch.

I was looking forward to the DLC, and as a Mirror's Edge fan, I posted a detailed review of it on Neoseeker's front page... for those who aren't sure if they wanna spend 800 Microsoft Points on the DLC.

Also, those of you who read my initial review of the entire game last November were pretty confused as to whether or not I actually liked the game. There's no question about it, I really do love Mirror's Edge, but I can honestly say I did not enjoy every second of it.

Image taken from an early editorial.

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Xenctuary Feb 20, 09
I reckon Microsoft would have given the content a lot more fanfare had it been released on time. They can't afford it taking center stage now that their exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV content is available. Still, a spot on the "Spotlight" channel would be nice.
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RabidChinaGirl Feb 20, 09
Yeah, it deserved at least a little fanfare! Great DLC, btw.
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kik36 Feb 20, 09
I'm playing this game currently, and I am totally stuck on like the second level......it's pissing me right off!! LMAO Other than that I am enjoying the experience. I'm generally not one for DLC only because by that time I am pretty much done with a game, but it sounds like it might be worth checking out. I will just have to try and finish the damn game in the first place!!!
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chautemoc Feb 20, 09
Yeah, as far as I can tell, that it's only real flaw -- you get stuck a lot. Which kinda breaks up the pace.
But it's worth it cause it's sooo gorgeous and fun.
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The Dave Feb 20, 09
Just finished getting stars on all nine maps, although I only managed two stars on a couple. I can see myself spending quite some time hunting down those 3 star ratings though. Given how awesome the Pure Time Trial's art style is, this won't be a problem whatsoever.
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tekmosis Feb 20, 09
That's a hot photo of Faith.
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Chad Feb 21, 09
Yeah, look at the size of those melons!
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tekmosis Feb 21, 09
I would so take my melon peeler to those.
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