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Apr 14, 09 3:40pm

Demigod review on front page NOW!

Read the title. As of 9:00 am this morning, April 14, Neoseeker's Demigod review is live.

If you've never heard of this game, I highly suggest you get acquainted, because regardless of whether you like strategy-based titles, Stardock and Gas Powered Games have made an unbelievably gorgeous product. I've included some screenshots in the review that I took myself, but they're resized and don't even begin to do the game justice.

Read the review, leave a comment, check out the game!

And I don't care if you think your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 can do better with (insert top seller), because this game is VERY *bleep*ING PRETTY. Also make sure you watch the trailer, which is included on the first page of the review. Many of us at Neo agree it is the most *bleep*ing epic game trailer we have seen in some time. Literally. Epic.

And I am running on no sleep. News needs writing. Have a good 'un~

UPDATE: Holy shit, Adrian linked the review to his Stardock contact, and she flipped out (in a good way). Also found out this other girl I met on a geeky forum works for Gas Powered Games as an environment artist. She messaged me on AIM just a little while after my review went up, saying it was the first review their producer showed them. The team is happily high-fiving each other.

Hah, I made their week! I LOVE GAS POWERED GAMES FOREVER! Oh God, I'm gushing everywhere.

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Chiggins Apr 14, 09
Nice job Lydia.

I've heard good things about this game, and I wanna give it a go.
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kspiess Apr 15, 09
Great to hear about the high-fives. The team must be really proud.