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Dec 20, 08 7:01am

Hot alien sex is great, but I'm not having any.

So I've been itching to get Mass Effect for a while since the price dropped, and my friend paid part of it as a Christmas present to me. It's really nostalgic for someone who loved the KotoR games but felt cheated by KotoR II. Really, the game has the same aura, even a few bugs for that extra awesome authentic BioWare feel.

Of course, in KotoR II I had a thing for the geeky yet tortured zabrak, Bao-Dur, and of course there were no real romance options with him. Hell, his interest in the General was minimal compared to Atton and Michel gushing all over the place. I guess Atton was an alright guy... he sure beats Kaiden, the... canon love interest for a female Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect.

The controversial softcore sex scene only works with human females and the asani, regardless of your character's gender, and imagine my disappointment when I read this because... I'm a turian fangirl. Naturally, I totally wanna get in Garrus' pants, but that's not really an option. Thanks a lot, BioWare. Guess a girl can always dream; I'm keeping him in my party, along with Wrex because he's just one hilarious mother *bleep*er.

Garrus' voice is almost as sexy as those mandibles and razor sharp teeth. SIGH. They don't address turian courtships, from what I understand, and you learn through dialogue that they're a pretty rigid species. During one of the many long-ass elevator rides, I found myself staring at his crotch, thinking, "What if they impregnate their females by making out?" Because that would be totally inconvenient if his mate were human.

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chautemoc Dec 20, 08
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RabidChinaGirl Dec 20, 08
Oh bite me... XD If I'm a pervert, what does that make you!?
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chautemoc Dec 20, 08
Hey, I never said I wasnt.
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kik36 Dec 20, 08
Yeah I'm a perv too....I just got Mirror's Edge for a Christmas gift, and I'm a bit bummed I don't get to check out Faith's ass more

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