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Nov 27, 08 10:57am

Faith, with some EXTRA STUFFING

I will be taking Thanksgiving off so it's highly unlikely you'll be reading any news posts tomorrow authored by "Lydia Sung."

Knowing that I don't need to wake up at a reasonable hour has allowed me to stay up until now, fussing over my blog and an editorial I spent an entire afternoon procrastinating. I hope you're not sick of Mirror's Edge yet, because there's enough drama surrounding that game to last us ten lifetimes.

Yeah, I know that's kind of Sean's territory, but hey, I reviewed the *bleep*ing thing, I deserve to love it too.

My latest personal beef is actually an old one that I chose to ignore the first time around. Remember when some tool decided Faith looked too Westernized and gave her plastic surgery? Sean posted a piece of news yesterday that brought it up... again. The game's producer, Tim Farren, is apparently displeased with the edited image. "Displeased" doesn't begin to describe how I feel about it, though.

So before I collapse for some well deserved rest, I give you my holiday special...

EDITORIAL: Falling for Faith

Happy Thanksgiving, you crazy bastards.

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Xenctuary Nov 27, 08
Nice write up Lydia, even if that last image of Faith is downright scary!
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RabidChinaGirl Nov 27, 08
Agreed on the last image. I scared myself while I was making it. Don't think I'll ever be the same!
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tekmosis Nov 27, 08
Happy gobble gobble day. You've been added to the favourites list.
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Wolfwood Nov 27, 08
Actually, your last shocking image of Faith is akin what most folks imagine "Westerners" would pull off if they wanted to go for an "anime" look for characters. But this time, DICE didn't go that route with their image for Faith. In fact, what I think is cool about her is that she didn't look "engineered", unlike other heroines like that chick from Heavenly Sword.