RabidChinaGirl blogged
Jan 16, 10 9:25am

Mass Effect 2 review copy arrived TODAY!

Received a UPS package today. It was a box, and I tried shaking it to see what was inside. Had a suspicion the sender was PR, but I didn't recognize her name. Imagine my surprise when inside was a special package that included Mass Effect 2!

The game comes out January 29, with the embargo on reviews lifted three days prior, on January 26. I have waited years for this game, so after spending several minutes running laps around the house, swinging my dog around like an infant, hyperventilating, and just getting it out of my system, I sat down and continued my Army of Two: The 40th Day review.

Great game so far, but I suddenly hate it for standing in the way of my true love, Mass Effect 2. Well, if all goes according to planned, the Army of Two review will be out tomorrow, Saturday, and I will dedicate my life to reviewing BioWare's masterpiece.

If it winds up disappointing me, my life is over.

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