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Nov 17, 09 10:24am

Left 4 Dead 2 review for Xbox 360 posted!

Ha ha, our Left 4 Dead 2 review went up a little while ago, and I'm posting it for you guys now before I head off to bed. It's the Xbox 360 version, if you haven't already heard, so keep that in mind. We should have a review for the PC version soon though.

Seriously, this game got way scarier with the sequel. Valve decided to toss in some creepy environments like pitch black sewers, a sugar mill INFESTED WITH WITCHES, a murky swamp with nasty Mudmen... Yeah, seriously, I need to play this with other people in the future.

Here's the obligatory excerpt from the article, followed by a link to the full review:
Turns out the sequel isn’t just a rehash as so many still believe it to be. With a new cast of Survivors and Infected, more complex gameplay, and gorgeous environments, Left 4 Dead 2 takes the series further with one giant leap, something none of us could fully appreciate without spending quality time with the final product. This second helping boasts an upgraded version of the original “Director,” the A.I. responsible for all those customized levels, randomized enemy population, player monitoring, world objects, weather effects, lighting, and everything else we loved about the original. The new A.I. Director 2.0 does offer a noticeably smoother, shinier product, and carries on the randomization that made Left 4 Dead unique.

Hopping straight into L4D2, players should catch a number of differences, with new items and Infected being the most noticeable. Melee weapons are sweeter than you might think, making zombie face-bashing that much more satisfying (beats shoving). Some weapons are more effective and amusing than others; the frying pan is fun to use with its trademark “clang,” but its short range and blunt damage makes it inferior to longer, deadlier weapons like an axe or katana – or “ninja sword,” as Nick calls it. Firearms can now be upgraded with laser sights for better accuracy, and frag or incendiary rounds for that extra kick. Boomer Bile (puke-in-a-can) serves as a non-exploding alternative to the pipe bomb, and defibrillators and adrenaline shots allow players to revive dead allies or gain a temporary speed boost, respectively.
LINK: Neoseeker reviews Left 4 Dead 2

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