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Nov 15, 09 8:49am

Left 4 Dead 2 cards from EA, review in progress

EA likes to give out free stuff, apparently. Now this is nothing like the crazy Dragon Age: Origins press kit EA sent tekmosis / Jamie, but I thought these were pretty neat anyway:

I had already pre-ordered Left 4 Dead 2 off Steam a while ago, but EA sent the 360 version over for review. The game came with those cards, which you might recognize as the in-game campaign "posters." It'd be way cooler if these had been actual poster size, but I'm not complaining. Currently wondering how I should display these, or if I ought to just hide them away somewhere.

Kinda funny though; the Parish card was on top when they arrived, and it was covered in fingerprints, presumably belonging to whoever packed them into the envelop for shipping. I could tell they weren't mine because the prints were so much larger than my fingers -- I gots small hands.

The review itself is coming along. I had originally been expecting Assassin's Creed II, but Ubisoft is playing extremely hard to get.

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chautemoc Nov 15, 09
Don't run Ubisoft, we just want to touch.