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Sep 11, 09 12:24am

Neoseeker goes to PAX 2009 [update]

If you haven't already noticed, our PR wiz Adrian went to PAX this year and has been posting his coverage these days on the front page. If you haven't noticed, then I'm not sure why you guys even bother visiting Neoseeker. Good job, now I hate you forever.

But you should probably (definitely) still check out Adrian's coverage. It's still being updated, but Day 1 is up for your viewing pleasure: Neoseeker visits PAX 2009.

Lots more meetings than I'm used to do, and there was more hilarity / frustration with all the headsets and various crappy mics not working. Echos, beat boxing, underwater noises, birds warking, and the fact that I sound like a Cylon -- all quite hilarious, yes. I need a new mic. Either order online or go to Best Buy (shithole).

But I'm about ready to turn my back on today and play video games. Mm, yes, more Arkham Asylum awaits me. I think I'm pretty damn close to fighting Ivy, which pleases me immensely. I look forward to kicking her ass. Still would've liked more Harley and Ivy moments though -- those two are sweet together. *bleep* the Joker, I'm all for Ivy x Harley!

Aside from that, tried the Garou: Mark of the Wolves demo, because Rock Howard is cute and Terry Board is awesome. Don't think I'll be buying it. Had enough of the game at the arcades years ago, so I'm saving that 800 Microsoft Points.


Update: PAX 2009 Day 2 coverage has been posted this morning. Check it out HERE.

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